Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter for a week

I LOVE winter. I come from a snow loving, first powder day is grounds for missing school/work, skiing family.

However, Haiti has changed my blood type a little and I don’t handle the cold quite like I used to.

That’s why I was thrilled beyond belief to wake up to the winter wonderland before me this morning…and to know that in one week I’ll be back in the Caribbean, with only the memories of the bone chilling cold that it brought!

I love winter, for a day or 2.

This little Haitian though, has fallen into the right family. This morning he woke up, looked out the window and said “Oh wow, Daddy, skiing”! :) 100_0338

Love this kid!

100_0347 100_0346 100_0345 100_0352


Anonymous said...

That smile says it all : )
love ~
Stephanie x

Anonymous said...

Awww...looks like he will fit right in!!