Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today I came home!

Imagine my shock, excitement and joy when I saw who was waiting for me when I arrived!


(and by October I of course mean, November :) )P1040053  P1040036 P1040038 P1040047


Jamie said...

aw what a muffin! Love the hat, and I am not a girly girl at all :)
Praise God from whom all blessings flow \0/

Anonymous said...

Praise God, she is a miracle......I am crying and can feel your joy tonight Rhyan. God has a plan for this little Princess : )

Stephanie x

Debi said...

What a blessing to see sweet Bianka doing so well. I have been praying for this sweetie since I heard of her and for you. God is good!
Love and hugs and prayers,
Beaverton, OR

Anonymous said...

I knew it!!!! Praise God!!!! I just knew with everybody praying.....God was going to heal her!!! To God be the glory!!!!! WoooHoooo!!!

Jeannette said...


mamamargie said...

Oh! How WONDERFUL!!!!! So excited! So happy!!! Have been praying for her! My heart is so happy right now! Wish I could just scoop her up and kiss her little cheeks! She is so beautiful! Thank you, Jesus!

kristen said...

Yay!!! OUr family has been thinking & praying for sweet Bianka!! She is one precious little girl!!And you are one lucky gal to be loved by all of those kiddos!!

Emily Suzanne said...

What a blessing!!! She is such a miracle baby!