Friday, November 5, 2010


According to the Weather Channel this afternoon “Leogane, which was the epicenter of last January’s 7.0 earthquake, is now quite possibly the worst place on earth.”

It makes my heart break. I am watching the videos and seeing the pictures and even though I know that MY kids are safe, I can’t help but imagine those who are not.

Last August I went to a tent city built among the tombs of a local graveyard. I was there to pick up a little boy who was being given for adoption. His mother changed her mind and I walk away and left him there. I wonder if he is alive tonight. Port Au Prince October 2010 (1)

In October when we had our work team in Leogane to help build new storage areas we took a day trip up the mountain, on the way there someone snapped this photo...Port Au Prince October 2010 (7)

I wonder if that little boy was safe last night, or if he was among those swept away by the angry waters that fill this very street right now.

Next door to the orphanage is the remaining foundation of a home, and a 10 month old tent perched on top. I wonder where they are sleeping tonight.


Every day when I leave the orphanage I pass a small tent city filled with children. They always run out to watch me. A brave few even reach out to touch my pale arm as I pass. They yell blanc, over time some of them have learned my name. They are the faces that I saw when I stared at the photos on the news today. Little, fragile lives that have seen too much. Many of them don’t even remember what life was like before January. Maybe some of them are among the “people dying all around me” that Jeanel referred to today. I have no idea but I can’t turn my mind off to the wondering.


Leogane might be the “worst place on earth” it might be hell in the minds of some but everything within me is crying out to be there, to run towards this pain and instead of away. Imagine the faces of the people you pass in your hometown every day, now think about something so horrible happening that it left that entire town in shambles. Imagine you had no choice but to sit and watch it unfold on television. Would you be thankful to be away, or longing to be there and REALLY know what’s going on. These are my neighbors, my friends, the families of the babies that I hold. No, I’m not glad I’m here where it was safe, I would give anything to be there with them.

My work in Leogane is not just with 32 children that live in my house. It extends to the nannies who work with us and their families at home. It is the interactions I have with the taxi drivers and street vendors on our street. It is the people that I pass as I go about my daily errands. It is all of them and now, once again they are miserable and hurting. Once again I am sitting by helpless.


Emily Suzanne said...

I'm praying peace for you as you go about the incredibly hard work of trusting wholly and completely in God's power and grace for those you've given your love and life to. There is no way to downplay how incredibly hard this must be for you. All I know is you are right where you need to be in this moment. And God has more for you in Leogane. He's preparing you...

Imagine That said...

Thank you for your blog and for sharing about what life is like in Haiti. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life in the USA and forget about the hurting. I love your blog and your heart for the people of Haiti. I pray God will continue to use you to serve the people and to open our blind eyes to the needs around us.

mamamargie said...

You are not helpless. Prayer is, and always will be, the most powerful tool you have. Maybe God pulled you away from all this so you can pray for every face you know there and get everyone else praying too. Maybe if you were there, you would be so busy working, you wouldn't have the time to really pray. I'm only surmising. But God knows all things. His plan is perfect. Keep praying! You're doing the best possible thing to help the people of Leogane. Thanks to you, I'm praying more now for Haiti than I probably usually would.

Tracie said...

Girl you have let more Jesus into your little pinky that most 30 year Christians that I know. I love your heart!!!