Friday, November 26, 2010


My friend Anna is one of the most amazing people any of us could have the honor of knowing.

Through my time in Haiti I have met a few awesome people. None of them hold a candle to Anna.

Anna has a love that can only have been instilled by God, for babies that need it the most. Through her years in Haiti Anna had held and loved Berlancia, Sabrina and so many others...

Last year Anna was entrusted with a little boy named Darlens.

Darlens lives in Cazale, Haiti at a clinic called Real Hope For Haiti. RHFH is amazing! If I were to send all of you to support another mission here this would be it! They love the people of this country and they do amazing work with malnourished children. RHFH has recently set up a cholera clinic and they have been running ever since. I can't imagine what it is like day to day there. Last week I set one measly suitcase of everything that I could scrape together for them, it didn't feel like nearly enough.

Now, this baby boy that my friend loves is sick. Darlens has some kind of virus and is not doing well. Please, please spend some time on your knees for this precious life tonight.

Right now all I can send are prayers. Prayers for the life of a sweet little boy. Prayers for the heart of a dear friend who loves him fiercly. Prayers for the ones who are suffering. Prayers, that Dorlens will live.


Jess said...

Just wanted you to know Darlens does NOT have cholera. He had some sort of virus and was doing well after an IV a few days ago. Could be that his little body has been so weak for so long and all of his sicknesses are just taking their toll. Something is going on but we are not totally sure exactly what it is.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for all at RHFH. What wonderful work these dedicated people are doing.

Love ~
Stephanie x