Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not This Baby

Once upon a time there was a little boy with scared, staring eyes…
Gup Oct 2010 (8)
A baby who glared anytime he caught me looking his way.
 Gup Oct 2010 (30)
There was once a tiny little fighter with frizzy, brittle, orange tinted hair, who hated to smile, and hated more to eat.  
Lyns Oct 2010 (1)
I am happy to tell you that that little boy doesn’t live here anymore.
No, right now sleeping quietly in the crib in the corner is a little boy who breaks into a grin whenever I walk into a room.
That weak little boy who turned up his nose at every snack I offered, can be found sneaking food every chance he gets.
Gup Nov 2010 (10)
There is something to be said for a diet rich in protein and treatment for medical conditions.
Gup Nov 2010 (23)Gup Nov 2010 (21)Gup Nov 2010 (20) 

But beyond any food or medicine, love is what brings these kids back to life.

Gup Nov 2010 (40)

Perhaps a little “spoiled” or so I am told, Gup is thriving. He is spirited, cuddly and happy. I wake up every morning to him singing in his bed, I am rewarded each day with his sweet hugs and kisses. I am encouraged by his transformation and assured by his life, that my work here is necessary.

Gup Watching TV In Bed Nov 2010 (1) Gup Watching TV In Bed Nov 2010 (2) Gup Watching TV In Bed Nov 2010 (3) Gup Watching TV In Bed Nov 2010 (4)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he is just thriving in your love Rhyan.......I could gobble him up, he's so cute. What a miracle. What a difference in his apperance - so handsome!

Love ~
Stephanie x

mamamargie said...

What a beautiful transformation! A wonderful way to end my day. Thank you for sharing. He is adorable.

aubreyjennifer said...

he is adorable.