Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snack Time

Just before I left I had the task of clearing all of the leftover snacks out of my room to avoid attracting creepy crawlies while I was away. There were some very excited, and hungry recipients of the many power bars left behind by our work team!100_0218 100_0220 100_0221 100_0223 100_0228 100_0229 100_0230 

There were both chocolate peanut butter and vanilla flavors and the big kids had a great time sharing their bars. Most of them broke theirs in half to trade with one of their friends. Everyone walked away happy with their flavor and with full bellies!

100_0232 100_0236 100_0237

Everyone had full bellies and happy hearts that day!

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mamamargie said...

Such sweet little faces!