Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

This month brought celebrations for 2 of our sweet little ones! Two of our babies turned 1 in early December.

I was heartbroken not to be there for our little girl’s birthday on the 16th but I know the staff gave her a wonderful party with cake, singing and Chico for everyone! I can’t wait to hear all about it when I get home!

I was blessed to be able to be with our sweet little baby boy on his special day. A birthday is so bittersweet in my world. I know that there is someone out there for whom this day is not filled with joy but longing. Longing as she remembers the sweat and pain that she endured to bring life into this world. Longing as she must have begged for a way to keep here baby, before finally realizing that she couldn’t. Longing to be holding her little one as he experiences his first taste of sweet frosting…

On a beautiful day in December one mother’s longing turned to joy as she was able to see how happy her baby was as he stuffed handfuls of birthday cake into his mouth. She arrived at 8am, having traveled by tap-tap for more than 3 hours to get to us, His Mama spent the day with her little boy.

From the time she arrived until the moment she had to leave she watched him with love in her eyes. She lit up with joy as she smiled and played and nodded her head approvingly as he refused to stand and I made him do it anyway. As I sat with her in the porch and talked she spoke to me the story of his birth. A story that belongs to him, one that is not mine to share, but a tale that touched my soul. A reassurance that this house gives hope to the hopeless. A reminder of why it is I love when I feel like there is none left to give.

She blinked back tears as he stared at his cake with huge eyes. She told me how, just one year ago, she had no idea his life would be so wonderful…

Oh how I wish that there was a solution that would “fix” Haiti. I ache with everything in me for mothers who love their babies but have to give them to someone else to provide for them. I wish we lived in a perfect world but I look around me and I am assaulted with the images of reality. This baby, because he was living in our house that day, had a beautiful birthday celebration. He is alive, thriving and happy in this place and his Mama visits and sees that. She is reassured that the choice she made was the right one because even while her heart is breaking, his is beating strong.

IMG_0155 IMG_0158 IMG_0129 IMG_0152

As she left she asked me again, if I was sure that we would sing happy birthday again before he fell asleep. Her simple request reminded me that as she sat in that hot, crowded bus on her way home, her heart would still be here, with the little boy that will always hold it.


willhouse4God said...

Our hearts ache everyday for the mothers and fathers that make the sacrifice to give their children the Hope of a better life. I pray they have peace and comfort as they go through life without their children they loved so much.

mamamargie said...

Wow! This really pulls at the heart-strings. Wish so much there was a way to keep the mothers with the babies they love. I can't even imagine having to make that decision. Bless her for making the huge effort to come and be with her son on his birthday.