Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still Here

The car that was supposed to come to Leogane 2 nights ago made it only a few miles before being forced to turn back. They attempted to come again yesterday morning but didn’t even make it out of their neighborhood. The latest message I received said “ground transport not possible.”

And so now I just wait. Yesterday was by far the worst so far for manifestations. Here on the side of town closest to Port, there were several roadblocks set up. A Haitian friend who lives just a few blocks from us attempted to drive to our house and couldn’t make it through. One of our nannies brought Stivenson home from the hospital because they insisted he be released today (that story is a full entry in itself) She was able to get through on a motorcycle taxi after showing the men at the roadblock the small baby and explaining that he was sick. By the time she got into our gate she practically collapsed in relief. Our maintenance man also went out yesterday for a few minuets to check out the situation. He came back and just said “it’s bad”. I did not out outside of the gate yesterday, the US Embassy has advised that all Americans stay indoors and while I couldn’t make myself fully obey, I climbed up on the roof to see what I could, I did stay behind our secure walls.

As far as supplies go we are holding up fairly well. I was so glad to have had lunch on Sunday with a long term missionary to Haiti who runs a rescue center and clinic in Cazzale. He gave me a lot of tips about how to prepare, even though at the time we really had no idea what we were preparing for. We bought as much gas, bread and hotdogs as we could. Counting the Feed My Starving Children food, we have enough to last the house for about 6 weeks. We have a well on site and just purchased 2 bio-sand filters to clean water for drinking, so we have an unlimited amount of water! The only thing that we are starting to run short on is fuel for the generator. While we bought as much as we could we only had a few containers to put it in and by the time we went to stock up there were no larger drums to buy. We now have just one 5 gallon bucket of gasoline left. We have cut down to running the generator for only 2 hours each night and at that pace we will have enough fuel to last almost a week. We have also stocked up on oil for lamps and candles so if we do run out of fuel we will have a fall back. We use the generator for running lights, the refrigerator and TV, so we will be just fine if we need to go without for a little while.

I am still planning to leave Leogane as soon as possible. The reality of a Tuesday, American Airlines flight is becoming more and more unlikely but should there be an opportunity for me to get somewhere with more access to the airport I will take it. Still no word on if the US will call for an evacuation of Americans, and I pray that it wont come to that. At this point I just have my 3 bags packed (the “leaving immediately with what you can carry on your person  bag” the “leaving soon, bring one small suitcase and go bag” and the “getting on a regular pane and leaving as normal bag".) For now I will just wait. It seems quieter in Leogane today than yesterday but I don’t know what is going on in the rest of Haiti. Trying to be patient.

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mamamargie said...

What a roller coaster you are on! Praying all will work out soon and that the Haitians will have peace.