Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ayiti Bel, Day 2

The Art. There is nothing like driving down the road and coming across a wall covered in bright paintings. The creativity is amazing. Sometimes it’s just downright weird, the naked, obese woman that graces every artist’s collection is always an eye catcher. untitled

I have had the honor of getting to know some of the artists in a few areas of Petionville well in the last few years. Simon and the men at the Baptist Mission who take such pride in their stands, I love going to visit them and being taken on a tour of all the new products they are offering. Thony, outside the Kinam Hotel who is incredibly talented and has been the creator of some of my favorite paintings of all times. The day before I left Haiti I visited with Thony to pick up this beautiful piece.


He showed my photos of his newborn son and bragged as a proud new papa how he was already smiling at only 1 month old! 

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I love the smell of the oil paint and dusty, recycled fabric. I love the things that can be made out of tin, cereal boxes and Coke labels. I love the wood carvings and stone statues. I love browsing and finding something that jumps out at me. I love carrying my treasures back to the US and sharing the beauty with friends and family. I love the art in Haiti.

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Josie said...

The Baby kind of looks like Benjamin! Their art is so beautiful!