Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ayiti Bel, Day 9

Degaje, it means to “make do” to work with what you have. No one does that quiet like a Haitian.

I’ve seen ladies keep and reuse items that I wouldn’t even think twice over throwing away. From using empty formula cans to measure rice and beans to planting flowers in Clorox bottles. A Haitian is resourceful and finds uses for anything and everything.

Each cell phone I have ever seen in Haiti comes equipped with a built in “torchlight”. You will need it. No power? Degaje.

Every single day I go outside our gates and I see children playing with toys they have built out of items they found. Water bottle cars with caps for wheels and rolling tires to run alongside. There is fun to be had, if you make it happen. Degaje.

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Lydia Deputy said...

Hey Rhyan, i just came back from spending christmas in Haiti with my dad and sister. we stayed at an orphanage in Leogane and i loved being there and watching the kids make kites out of tarp threads, shredded mango tree leaves, and pieces of a plastic bag and watching them fly it around the compound! its so cool!