Monday, January 10, 2011

Ayiti Bel, Day 10

I wish I had pictures of food that didn’t include me in all my Haiti glory :) Don’t let the greasy hair and dusty face kill your appetite, the food in Haiti ranks right up there with the beach and babies in my mind!

Port Au Prince August 2010 (76)

Sugar cane.

Port Au Prince August 2010 (75)




Port Au Prince August 2010 (77)

And of course Toro, I get a lot of grief from the staff at our house for drinking a drink “for men” but it is sooo yummy!

I love going out and buying griot, chicken and banan pase. I love the pickliz and rice and beans… I crave that delicious oil fried food!

My sweet friend Emelyne, sent me a photo of a plate of street food but somehow in the last week I deleted the email and lost the photo! What a wreck! So sorry Em, thanks for helping me out!!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for showing up the beauty of Haiti Rhyan, looking forward to your blog every day.
God Bless,

Brittnei said...

Amen to papitas! I cannot wait to have them in just a couple months :)