Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Forward

This week has been one full of discouragement. As the one year anniversary of the earthquake came it seems that the common theme was that of pessimism. The houses that haven’t been rebuilt and the tent cities that are still standing. While those topics need our attention and must be addressed, they do not need to be our focus. Sometimes you need to look at what HAS been done. You need to see hope. There are wonderful beautiful things that have happened in Haiti this year.

Take for example, the iron market…


January 2010


And now.

Look at these following scenes from Port Au Prince, last year and now…


h20_26576375 h21_26576375

Things are happening in Haiti and I am so very thankful for this article for the reminder!


Emelyne said...

Rhyan, thanks for sharing these pictures! it's good to see the comparisson between then and now. things ARE happening! and thank God for that :-) He's still got great plans for this nation!

Lumiya said...

I am so happy to see the beauty of Haiti rebuilt by the wonderful people that live there. They really do care about the place they call home. These images show the strength of will this group posses!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rhyan!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It is so nice to see the change that has come in a year. This was a great post!


Jeannette said...

Every piece of rubble that's been picked up counts for something...and good news fights not only "bad news fatigue" but also give people the energy to pick up the next piece that needs to be straightened out in life. I am going to go find the direct link to a story I wrote and posted last year...and maybe you will be encouraged or share it with someone who is feeling overwhelmed or depressed.