Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Espwa Means Hope

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”                                                                            Romans 15:13

I know many of your are dying for some information about what is going on. I swear, I’ve been staring at this empty screen for a week trying to figure out how to explain it all. I’m still not sure how, but it didn’t feel very nice to leave you hanging any longer, ;)

First of all, I hope you all see this news like I do, an amazingly wonderful opportunity for me to follow God’s will for my life. I would by lying if I said this was easy but I do wholeheartedly believe that it will be filled with blessings unimaginable.

I will not be returning to live at the Leogane house.

As heartbreaking as those words are to even say, there is no doubt that it is what I need to do.

Last June when Jeanel contacted me for help I knew God was calling me to make sure that these precious children were taken care of. He wanted me there and I wanted to be there. It was exactly what I had been waiting for, the opportunity to live in Haiti. In the past 7 months God has revealed to me some amazing things. He has also reminded me of passions that He planted in my heart, plans that He has made obvious He still intends to carry out.

A year ago I began to file paperwork to obtain my 501(c)3 status. In the last month I resumed where I left off and as of this week I have officially waded through all those piles of information and packets of papers. I have written bylaws and articles of incorporation, I’ve been wonderfully overwhelmed with the support of dear friends, and God’s Children Adoption Agency, who have done this before. I have lost a little sleep, but mostly I’ve been blessed beyond belief. Incredibly I have had a peace though the entire project, knowing every step of the way that this is what I was created to do.


Espwa Berlancia has gone from a far away dream to an ever present reality.


My next step is a trip to Haiti to research rental houses, hopefully I will find one that will work for the purpose that we need. Beyond that it’s all in the hands of someone much more capable than I. I am blessed to serve a God who is invested in my life and allows me to live my dreams!

I will leave for Haiti next Wednesday. My first stop will be to the Leogane house to love on those precious, warm little bodies that I have missed desperately. I am in no way intending to turn my back on those kids. Jeanel and his wife have become dear, dear friends to me in the last 7 months and I can’t imagine not continuing that friendship and support that we have found in each other. It is my full intention to still visit the house, love on those kids and do anything in my power to help with whatever they or God’s Children In Haiti may need. While searching my heart through the changes this new project brings I spent many hours in tears over the though of not being with them every day. When I am gone I constantly worry about them, I love them and they love me and the very last thing I would ever do is hurt them. While I prayed over this God brought to me His peace, a reminder that He had called me to make sure that these children would be taken care of,  and that task has been done. I helped to bring God’s Children to them and now they are wonderfully provided for. They went from sleeping on the ground to living in a home, they have adoptive families who are working to bring them home. They have Haitian staff who understand how to give them care, love and opportunities. My work was to help them and I did, perhaps not in the way that I had dreamed but in a way that is perfect in God’s plans. Jeanel and his wife are more than capable to take care of their children now, I can be nothing but thankful that I was invited to be a part of this precious journey.

No longer living in the house that has become my home will be an adjustment but I know that someday soon another “home” will fill my heart. It will be filled with the laughter and love of little children, who need me. I am incredibly excited to see what God will do with this imperfect, impulsive, crazy, willing life.



Anonymous said...

I am proud of you......this quote came to mind tonight after reading your blog.

You do build in darkness if you have faith. But one day the light returns and you discover that you have become a fortress which is impregnable to certain kinds of trouble; you may even find yourself needed and sought by others as a beacon in their dark days and nights.
Believe that you may be that light for someone else.

I believe God has great plans for you to help bring His light, love, joy, peace and protection to these dear ones of Haiti that you care for so deeply.

I look forward to watching this beautiful journey unfold Rhyan.

Peace and love ~
Stephanie x

Annette in Vermont said...

Woo Hoo! I have been waiting for you to shout this from the mountaintops!!! We are so excited and are looking forward to how we can support Espwa Berlancia! You and your mission are so close to our hearts!
Much love,

Brittany said...


You will have my prayers and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited to see what God does with you!!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you to find the perfect house, and hope we will be able to come there to be with you sometime, sooner than later, in God's perfect time! It is so great to know the plans God has for you are being carried out, and the paperwork is (almost?) done!
bless you
love Melanie and Emma

Emelyne said...

CONGRATULATIONS RHYAN! this is so exciting! when do you come down? God bless and guide you through each step of this huge dream!!!

Holly said...

yeeeyay! so exciting to see how God is moving in this project...i'll be praying that God brings everything together and gives you wisdom in getting a house and getting things rolling! love, holly

Anonymous said...

Rhyan, I'll be praying that God will continue to guide you to the right house and then to bring His children to you!
Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm a relatively new reader to your blog and I'm embarrassed to say that I don't get it.

By reading the other comments, I gather that Espwa Berlancia is a project/organization that you've been wanting to start?

Could you explain more or provide a link to a previous post that explains more? You don't have a comprehensive tagging system or "search" box on your site, or I'd try to find the info myself! I'm sorry; I know you're busy...But I'm now even more curious!!!