Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everything Is Changing

I'm struggling with how to share with all of you what is going on in my life right now. In fact, at this moment I am working on writing all of it out for each of you, at the same time I am trying to make sure that what I write is clear, encouraging and most of all, honoring to God, who has given me this call. Until I have the words, I want to share with you a song that has given me a lot of comfort while I am waiting for God's direction.


Anonymous said...


I can't wait to hear what is going on in your life. Changes are good, and can't wait to hear what God has put on your heart this time. I will be praying that you find the words/courage to tell us what is going on in your life.

Brittany Schlichting

Anonymous said...

All God is looking for is an obedient heart, and He found that in you. I love that you want to honor Him with your life and also with the words you will use to share the new direction you are in with those of us who follow your blog and pray for you. I too am excited to see what God has now.
love Melanie

Anonymous said...

hope you are OK...i'll be checking to see what is next for you.

stephanie said...

I love the song! I believe in my heart that God will direct your paths, He has taken you this far and He will continue to walk with you to the next destination He has planned for your life. I am so proud of you Rhyan and the patience that you have shown me through all of this........waiting is hard and one of my weak points that God is still trying to show me and change in me with much grace!!! I have come to learn in my years of being a wife and mother that "timing" and "waiting" is not an issue with God - only us humans!!! Jeff and I waited for over 6 years for our babies, so you may think that I have this "waiting on the Lord" thing all figured out, but I don't. God has great plans for you......just wait and see, I'll wait this out with you.

Peace, blessings and much love x ~

Johnnie said...

I can't get the song to play. I am a new follower of your site. Love what I am seeing here. Blessings and love to you.

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