Monday, February 21, 2011

House Hunters International

I love that show on HGTV, it follows people around while they look for houses in exotic locations. Today wasn’t quite like that. First of all, on the show they never zoom around on the backs of motorcycles. Also, they rarely step in poop.

This morning was full of emotions as I packed up most of my things in the Leogane house. I will be staying there again for a few days before I leave but for the most part all my stuff it packed away. There were some tears, some wonderful memories and a lot of excitement about the future. The houses that I am visiting are all in Leognane and so I know I will be able to come and visit whenever I am missing those little faces.

This afternoon was spent house hunting and what an adventure it was. Some places that were amazing, some that I didn’t even want to go inside and one that was just right! Please be praying for wisdom as I make a decision and for the financial side of things to work out. I’m trying not to love this place too much but I already kind of do. :)

Right now I am staying with friends in Leogane while I look at a few more places. I will head to Port Au Prince to visit a mission that I love either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on their schedule. For right now, it’s nice to have an internet connection and a bed to sleep in!


Anonymous said...

Rhyan I am so excited you found a place so soon!! and I will for sure pray that you can make the payments, and manage financially and that God will answer your request for this your possible home in Leogane! So happy to be reading about your new adventures, and seeing the grat photos, I wish I was there, (it is freezing here in Calgary!!) and getting some of those beautiful baby hugs... maybe soon!
love Melanie

Andrea said...

Excited to hear how it goes! :) Praying for wisdom and finances!!

Tammy said...

Praying that God will provide just the right place for you in perfect timing. Thanks for the update - excited to hear more!!