Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Makes A House A Home

I’ve found a house!

I love it! In fact, I love it so much that I have agreed put down a deposit! (HUGE thank you Josie!)

It’s a huge step of faith but it’s one that I feel confident in taking. Before I left to go look at houses I spent some time in prayer, asking God to make it clear to me when I had found “the house”. When I walked into this place I knew.

It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen space, living room and a great little side room that would be perfect for a play area! The place needs some work. The kitchen isn’t finished, one of the bathrooms needs the toilet and sink installed and the yard is a mess. Even with all of those things the place the is perfect for what we need. DSC02091 

Front view. I love the cement in the front, I can just picture kids riding bikes and playing out there!


Beautiful enclosed porch.




Entry/Dining/Kitchen. I can’t wait to have a table full of precious little ones to share meals with!


Kitchen area, needs sink installed and some tile work.


Bedroom #1


Bathroom #1, unfinished.


Bedroom #2, this will be one of the kids’ rooms.


Bedroom #3 the other children’s room.


Bathroom #2


The house already has a well!


And a yard that, once cleaned up will be an amazing place for the kids to play.


There is also a “basement” area that is already wired for electricity and plumbing. I would love to have this finished someday for volunteers and teams when they come to visit.

When all is said and done, this house will be home to 5-7 HIV+ children where they will be raised in a close knit, family setting. We will eat meals together, play together, pray together and live, not in an institution but in a home. These children will be raise to attend school and university in Haiti and will be provided with opportunities to do great things. It will be a house filled with love, protection and hope for children who desperately need it. This building will also stand and headquarters for Espwa Berlancia and our work in Haiti. We will use this place to store literature, vitamins and supplies for our programs. It will be so much more than 4 walls.

Incredibly, I was able to negotiate the price on this place down to $10,000 for the year! It’s a great deal and after shopping around I know I wont get anything better for that amount!

My predicament lies in this, I don’t have $10,000. A problem you could say, except I refuse to be held back by fear, I am choosing to move forward in faith.  Thankfully I have the support of many amazing people, people who I know are interested and invested in this project. Without the support of each of you I wouldn’t be able to do the things I am doing. I covet spiritual, emotional and financial support always, but right now I am in need financially.  I hate that I have to ask but I also know that it’s the only way for this to happen. Would you consider partnering with me on the start of this journey?

I have done the math according to the stats from my blog and I figure that if each person who reads this on a regular basis would bless us with a  one time gift of $75 this project would be funded. For only $75 from you, a child will have a chance at a future that would otherwise be impossible. Better yet, if each of you gave just $38 and shared this need with a friend, we would have all we need. If you shared with 2 friends each of you would only need to give $25! How many times have you spent $25 on something without even thinking. For $25, you and 2 of your friends could make a difference for a  community in Haiti.

I present you with these numbers, not to pressure any of you to give, just because you read this blog. Rather, I wanted to show you just how much we can do if we divide the work. I understand that there are some of you who are unable to make a financial donation and I do not intend to make you feel like you must, I only want to present the opportunity.

As a last fun little idea, each person who donates for the house rental will be sent a rock from the actual house site. You can decorate these stones and send them back to us and they will be used in a collage in the entryway of the home. It will be so amazing to be able to look at all of those stones and see the names of the people who have helped us along the way.

I was incredibly blessed to have my sweet board member, Stephanie here with me during this house hunting experience. She left to fly home to the States today and I miss her already! Stephanie will be sharing about her visit and the new house on her blog within the next few days, please take some time to read her thoughts.

I have added a chip in button in the sidebar so that you can follow along on how much has been raised. You can donate though paypal or by sending a check to:

Espwa Berlancia c/0 Rhyan Buettner 10317 41st Place NE. St. Michael,  MN, 55376

As I return to Minnesota in the next few weeks and work on getting everything organized, I have a few fun things planned, including an auction and local fundraisers. Please, keep checking back from more information on these events.

I honestly believe that this dream is becoming a reality. Soon I will have a house filled with children to love. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support.

And finally, I m proud to announce that while still under construction, our website is up and running! You can go HERE to visit! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!


Vicki said...

Love what you are doing Rhyan. God bless you. Wow, what can one say to that. No greater love than this, that a man/woman lay down their life for a friend. Jesus said, what you have done for the least of these you do for Me. 8).

Sheila said...

Ty Lewis is happy to be your first "chip in" partner. :)
I am sure he will enjoy decorating a very colorful rock full of T's and Y's for you....they are his favorite letters you know! :)

Andrea said...

LOVE it! It's gorgeous! :) Can't wait to see it full of beautiful children! :)

Holly said...

Ahhh love it! So excited!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Rhyan!! So proud of you!!

Rebecca said...

What a blessing I am sure this home will be to many :)

Melanie said...

Rhayn I am so very excited for you and proud of the work you have done but most of all I praise God for giving you the heart and the vision to move forward in obediance to His call on your life.
I will put a cheque in the mail for your home and pray that one day I will get to be there and see Emma alongside you
love Melanie.