Friday, February 18, 2011

Mia and Medjina

Mia and Medjina took their turn for their outing Today.

I needed to change money and they looked like they could use a juice box so off we went.


The girls loved being on the moto and looking at everything all around.


I loved the ice cold bottle of water that I bought at the gas station.


Going out on the town sure is fun!


After we brought the girls home we headed back out on the moto to visit a few local orphanages and a cholera clinic run by Doctors Without Boarders.

The first Orphanage we visited was beautiful, run by a Canadian woman and her husband, they had large, well organized buildings and lots of tiny little babies, which I of course loved. You can go here to check out their website!

The second place is an orphanage that I am familiar with and I saw a lot of kids that I haven’t seen since August! It was so fun to see them all again. I was sad to find out that they have children who are sick with cholera right now, they lost a little girl yesterday and have 2 others who are currently being treated in a local clinic. Please pray for all of them as they fight this awful sickness!

After leaving we went to the clinic to visit little Michara, one of their children. She was looking well and the doctor said she should be released soon. It was my first experience in a cholera clinic and I was really nervous going in. I don’t do well with vomit. (Those who know me will laugh at that understatement) I was proud that I even had the guts to walk in and what I found was encouraging. Spotless tents, people cleaning everywhere. I was washed down 4 times total while I was there. I was very impressed.

When we got home we came in a side door and immediately showered and changed our clothes to avoid bringing any germs into the house. Mme Jeanel laughed at me saying I was being “paranoid” but I say, better safe than sorry. The house has become a well oiled machine with hand washing and good hygiene practice common. I love how much they have learned from the different cholera teams that have come in to educate them, it’s working! Jeanel even told me that they are so thankful for everyone who has come to teach them, that he would like to start his own group that will go to teach other people!

As I write this I am sitting in someone’s garage, the sign outside says cyber-cafe. I’m not convinced, but it does have a strong connection which is good enough for me. I’ve got a quarter-mile walk back to the house and I’ve been gone most of the day. I’m ready to go home and love on some babies!

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Lydia Deputy said...

Hey Rhyan!!!
i was just at OLTCH for christmas!! and im going back for almost the whole month of june!!! i am so excited you got to go and visit the kids that have so quickly stolen my heart!!!!