Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take A Guess

Can anyone guess the significance of this picture?



Anonymous said...

Its the site of your potential new home?


Rhyan ,
I'll give it a try... my 1st thoughts were "Beauty beyond the Ashes." The Mountain & Sky in this picture represent to me God & the Beauty of Him being our Refuge/StrongTower and Strength.
The Color of the Street, Dirt, & the Smokey Haze of the sky seem to represent the Ashes that symbolizes the poverty & the Earthquake & devastation of Haiti. The color of the umbrellas in the picture draw me to the left of the picture to see what the people are doing. It looks as though they have a market with their goods set up, trying to do the best that they can with what they have to provide for their family. (I sorta of sense that there could be even some people that are feeling content & happy visiting with each other at the gathering place.) I am sure this gives them some sense of Hope. Also, my mind wonders to the canopies about what type of things might be available that people have made from something that might seem like trash,
yet in the right hands becomes a 'treasure.'
So in summary, I would say that if you look beyond the ashes(the tough/bad things)you will see the Beauty(of the people & God).
The Evergreens & the People seem to represent life continuing amongst the devastation.
I googled 'gratis' that appears on the sign & that may change the meaning a bit.
The people maybe receiving a free provision just as God's provision of Eternal Life is given to us Free.(Although, it Cost God/Christ EVERYTHING).

That is my Guess.
You can email at camp.j@windstream.net if you wish to let me know if I am even close to the 'right track.'
Thanks for sharing & the Challenge too. I love reading your blog. You are Wise Beyond your Years.

Continue to Be Blessed.
Jan Camp

Denise said...

Hmmm...no tents on the center island of the road or could it be no motos or cars on the street?

Anonymous said...

I would guess, rubble cleared and people working and living again. Possibly even a wall rebuilt? Life beginning again after a year of trials and pain??