Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Canaval, Jacmel Style

On Sunday I was invited to drive with some friends to Jacmel for their canaval celebration. Having heard all about how amazing it is I jumped at the opportunity, even though it meant a long, winding drive. 

The road was incredible, and not in a good way! I get carsick very easily and although I managed not to get sick, by the time we arrived I was very shaky. My muscles hurt from gripping the seat, window or armrest the entire way, I thought for sure we would just drop off the side of the mountain a few times.

Once we arrived in town I saw that the ride was totally worth it! We parked on the beach and hired motorcycles to take us on a tour of the city.

DSC02190 DSC02193

I loved the old architecture of the buildings and the amazing coastline that seemed to be around every corner we turned!

DSC02204 DSC02214DSC02224

Returning to the truck, we decided to walk downtown to watch the parade. It was amazing. No exaggeration, the hype was all true. Beautiful colors, amazing creativity, sometimes a bit scary but awe inspiring. The photos that I am sharing with you are all of people in costume, some of them are a bit graphic but I want you to see what I saw. Again, these are all costumes, none of these people are suffering from any type of awful injury. :)

DSC02296DSC02301 DSC02312DSC02367 DSC02369  DSC02353DSC02347 DSC02364DSC02377 DSC02390   DSC02414 DSC02396 DSC02392 DSC02408 DSC02340DSC02376DSC02417

And, my personal favorite “Haiti Kolera Man” complete with paper-mache vomit.


Sunday was definitely a highlight of my life in Haiti so far!

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