Friday, March 4, 2011

Up The Mountain

The other day I had the opportunity to visit a small community up in the mountains above Leogane.

What I found were some of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.

DSC02462 DSC02477 DSC02472

A cheerfully painted house.


And mothers who were proudly providing for their babies.


It was painful to see the orange brittle hair and swollen bellies that malnutrition cause, but it was beautiful to be invited into their lives on such an intimate level. I came to talk to them. To visit for a while, to listen to their stories and to pray. I did not come to solve their problems, that is surely more than I can take on. I did not come to take away their children or tell them how to do things “better”. I came just see and hear, something I don’t do often enough. I am consumed with wanting to help everyone and while I work hard to keep my urgency alive, there are sometimes when I need to do exactly what I did on that day. I will forever remember my visit, up the mountain.

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mamamargie said...

To listen, to really listen, is such a help in itself. I'm sure they all appreciated your visit.