Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Girl

It’s official, we have our very first baby girl!

She is adorable.

9 weeks told today.

She weighs 12lbs.

With big, beautiful black eyes.

She is super playful.

And thankfully, very laid back.

She will be a wonderful addition to our house. She’s just missing one thing, a name!


She will be moving to Haiti with me in May and fill the role of guard dog/playful companion for some kids who I’m sure, will love on her lots.


Honestly people, I need some help. What do you think we should call this sweet little thing?


Heather L. said...


Emma Grace said...

Rachel and I will discuss and leave you a comment tomorrow :) ours will be the winning name, you wait! Haha. Praying for you :)

Just Me said...

I think Lulu would be a cute name for her and it would be something that would be easy for babies to say!

Jeannette said...

Thatt's a good looking little dog...has that smart and sweet look. Whatever you name her I think it would be good if it is a name that very little children can say...

Van Sickle Family said...

Sophie says to name her Caramel. Logan says you should name her Lucy because it's cute and it's something all the little people could say.

Anonymous said...

How about Hope!!!

Anonymous said...


stephanie said...

She could be called "Hope" for Espwa Berlancia? I just got home from taking the girls to see "Annie" at the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis.......maybe you could consider "Sandy" for Annie's dog - Annie was an Orphan and this was her best friend!!!

Jaime said...

My 4 kids like "cocoa.". And, they all think she is darling!!

Anonymous said...

How about Faith.

Anonymous said...

Haitisota...because she will live in Haiti but came from Minnesota

hartelijk said...

I like Sandy too, but this dog reminds me of our pup who was called Bandit (laura ingalls dog was named so too)
Well she's cute and i'm sure will be a true blessing whatever the name will be ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love scruffy dogs!

See, I can't name an animal unless I meet him/her. I never name my pets. I wait for them to "tell" me their name.
Sometimes, I'm not even all that fond of the name beforehand, but if that's what she "tells" me her name is, there's no changing it!

Just looking at her, she looks like an Ellie, Molly or Holly.
But that's just going by looks. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

Ask her what her name is. She'll tell you. Maybe not right away, but she'll tell you. They always do.