Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You

Over the last week I have been organizing and sorting all of the amazing donations that I have received for the house in Haiti.

Andrea Kilker and some of her wonderful friends from Britton, SD handmade all of the linens we need! Sheets, curtains, blankets… they blessed us with everything we could want! They even purchased all of the curtain rods for the house. DSC03481DSC03482DSC03483DSC03484DSC03486

Thank you ladies!

Along with all of the linens, we have built up quite the collection of other donations.


It’s so amazing to see this house filled up right before my eyes!

Thank you, everyone who has helped us gather all of these much needed supplies.


Dori Mitchell said...

very exciting when the family of God uses the gifts He has given them to bless others. love the photos! how does one go about finding out what you need?

Jamie said...

My step mother's family is from Britton! (Amherst actually, but that's even smaller than Britton :)
Do you guys have a "wish list" posted somewhere? I'm going to look right now ^_^ God bless you and the children!

Brittnei said...

yayayayaya! so exciting!