Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Remember this sick little girl?

Bianka At Hospital Oct 2010 (1)

Last October and November Bianka was very sick. At one point we were told by the doctors that she surely wouldn’t make it through the night.

She made it through that night, and the next and the next! She made it and when I came home after a short trip to the States in mid November she had been released from the hospital!

Bianka Nov 2010 (52)

Several weeks later Bianka got sick again. She was still weak from her last illness and her body was not able to fight the vomiting and diarrhea that she had picked up. Once again I feared for Bianka.

November Birthday Party 2010 (38)

Thankfully, Real Hope For Haiti offered their help. Bianka, along with 3 other sick children were taken to stay in their clinic and receive much needed medical care. 

The children ended up staying for several weeks and were all nursed back to health by the loving staff in Casale.

Yesterday after unpacking a bit at my house I headed over to the orphanage to visit the kids. One of the first faces that greeted me was little Bianka. Chubby, smiling and even showing off by standing up for me, Bianka was every bit the miracle that I hoped and prayed for. While sitting and cuddling her I calculated in my head what her age was now. That’s when we realized that very day was Bianka’s first birthday!


What a sweet day to be holding such a precious blessing.

Happy Birthday Bianka!



Sarah said...

Hello, sweet baby! I haven't forgotten about you!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Bianka! :) Sweet!!!

Memalb said...

I met Bianka in January when I was at Real Hope for Haiti. For a couple of days I got to hold her and love on her. She stole my heart. In fact I came home and told my grown children that I had met their Haitian daughter. I am so happy to hear that she is happy and thriving. I will continue to hold her up in my prayers.
Lauri Balbi(Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church)

Memalb said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bianka in January when she first came to Real Hope for Haiti. I was serving there for just a few days while she was there but had time to hold and love on her. She totally stole my heart and has been in my prayers ever since. So glad to hear that she is happy and healthy. I will continue to pray for her as she will forever be in my heart.
Lauri Balbi

stephanie said...

Wow, what a true little miracle, even more special that you were there to "Celebrate" her Birthday. I can't wait to see all the kids (and you too)next week...counting down the days!