Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting There Is Half The Fun

This trip to Haiti has been the most interesting I have ever had by far! I am so thankful for Jerry Smith, who offered his services, and his beautiful airplane, for this trip.


We were able to pack 200lbs plus Miss Sota into his Malibu!


I sat in the back most of the time and tried to not let my motion sickness get the best of me ;)


The time I spent in the front of the plane was exciting! Watching the monitors made my head spin a little but I did manage to master the entire aviation alphabet over the course of the trip!


We ended up spending 3 nights in Fort Lauderdale because of bad weather.

The first night we slept at the apartment of a friend of Nicole’s ( a gal who flew down with me to help out for a few weeks) It was a bit on the small side but we all ended up fitting!


On night 2 we ended up in a hotel near the airport, it only had one bed but it accepted pets so we were in! We enjoyed a nice night of relaxing, shopping at a few local stores and eating Dominoes pizza.


Sota even made herself at home in a nice cozy cubby. What a nut!


On day 3 we headed to the airport to wait for Jerry to be able to pick us up for the trip down to Port Au Prince. Unfortunately, he ended up being delayed and we packed all of our things for yet another hotel stay.


We spent that evening in another hotel and set off at 5:30 am, finally for home!

The flight down was gorgeous! We flew low over the ocean and were able to capture some incredible views of the Caribbean islands.


After a quick stop in the Bahamas for fuel and a bathroom we were once again on our way.


At 10:00 am we finally landed.


The trip through customs and immigration was a breeze. We weren’t charged outrageous fees, everyone was helpful, it was incredible.

A truly amazing welcome home!


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