Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today someone’s world came crashing down.DSC03785

Today, everything I dreamed of for this mission shifted focus.

With a single drop of blood everything changed.

Her life.


And that of a precious, unborn baby.

The idea of setting up a project to help people who have HIV sounds glamorous and exciting and “good”.

Until it’s real.


There’s nothing glamorous about giving someone that kind of news.

There’s nothing exciting about staring at those two lines as they slowly appear, with a sinking heart.

There is nothing good about the hopes, dreams and plans that were crushed in those seconds.

There is nothing that could have prepared me for what that first “pozitif” would do to my heart.

And what it did to me, nothing compared to what it did to her.

Oh Lord Jesus, you called.

Now give Your strength, Your wisdom, Your compassion. Your love.

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Jamie said...

prayers and more prayers, God is bigger than a 'pozitif'