Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What About Elange?

Well, it’s bittersweet. Elange is no longer at the orphanage. When her biological family was contacted with the news that she would most likely not be able to be adopted they decided to come and take her home. I was not here when it happened but I am told that her mother came and took her back to their home [tent] in Cite Soleli.

For some of you, the idea that Elange was living in an orphanage, relinquished for adoption while she had a living mother who it seems, is capable of caring for her, might be a bit confusing. While I “understand” it, sometimes I am confused to. Why is it that a child with living parents would be called an "”orphan”?

God has many plans for the people of Haiti. Plans that are meant to bring hope to their lives. I firmly believe that adoption was created by God and that he loves building families in that way. I also believe that His heart aches when the brokenness of this world causes so much heartache and pain.

I believe that parents need to have choices regarding the care of their children. If a parent choses to seek adoption for their child because that is what they truly desire, there should be a safe place for them to do that. The sad reality is that for most parents in Haiti there is no choice, the only option they have is to turn their children over to orphanages. Here there are far too many orphanages and far too few places that offer assistance to parents who want desperately to keep their children.

This may confuse some of you because I have worked in orphanages the entire time I have been here. I have seen joy in the reunion of adoptive parent with the children they have waited years for. I have seen the love that  one little boy has brought into my own family. I have also seen the pain of a father who’s wife has just died, who placed his baby in my arms because he has no way to provide milk for him. I have hated bitterly, the fact that I don’t have the ability to just give him what he needs. He wants his baby but he is being forced by his circumstances to give him away.

There are AMAZING places like Harbor House, The Apparent Project and Real Hope For Haiti that dedicate their entire lives work to sustaining families in Haiti. I am so inspired by these projects, I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn from those who have seen this same injustice and are doing something about it. I pray that Espwa Berlancia will become a place where people can go and have options to do what they truly want to do. A place where they have choices. Only God can teach me to do this, only God can orchestrate the resources we will need.

It is the deepest desire of my heart to see true, lasting assistance brought to Haiti. There will always be orphanages here and honestly, they will always be necessary. In my heart, adoption will always be a wonderful way to bring children into the families that God desires for them. I will always rejoice over reunions of parents and children. I will also do everything in my power to make sure that each and every man, woman and child that I encounter is treated with love and respect. I will work my hardest to make sure that they are given options and choices as to what happens in their lives.

I am so thankful to have the ability to still be in contact with Elange and her family. I have spoken to her a few times and she seems like she is doing fine. The one thing that upsets and worries me the most is that she told me she is no longer going to school! This I can not handle. This beautiful, smart, driven little girl, the one who dreams of being a doctor, will not move beyond her 6th grade education. Unless that is, we decide to change that.

I know many, many of you asked about sponsoring Elange after my last post about her. I have sent up a fund where you can do that. All of the money that is brought in will be used to pay for Elange’s education. It is my desire to see her sponsored for each year of school she has left to finish and then sent on to university. I know that Elange is able to do anything she puts her mind to, she is a brilliant young woman. If Elange wants to be a doctor, Elange can be a doctor! But she can’t do it without help.

Each school year, including uniform and supplies cost approximately $350.00. Elange has 6 years of school left to finish before she will go to college. I am determined that we make is possible for her to go each year. Once she is done we will do everything in our power to send her to university. I can only imagine what great big things our Elange will do when she grows up, how much hope and healing she has the power to bring.

Will you help me help Elange? You can make a donation HERE. Please mark your donation “ELANGE”. Together we can take care of this little girl and break a bit of the cycle she is a part of!

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mamamargie said...

Would love to help sponsor Elange. I attempted the link, but it didn't seem to work. Is there another way to try?

One more question, can we send letters of encouragement to Elange as well as donations? If so, where would we send them?

mama (dot) margie (at) ymail (dot) com