Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Tonight, with the help of my little brother, I drew the winners for our giveaway!

The lucky few are:

Marketplace Painting – Dick Young

Village Painting – Jim Cox

Ladies Painting – Cathleen Haglund

Apparent Project Jewelry – Ian Gates (paypal name)

Globe – Annette Franklin

Bamboo Carving – Andrea Gaines

Statue #1 – Christianne (Comment # 8)

Statue #2 – Beth Kast

So glad that all of your homes will soon be filled with Haitian Happiness!

Please contact me rhyanbuettner (at) espwaberlancia (dot) org and give me your address so I can mail your prizes out to you!

Thank you to everyone who donated within the last few weeks. Tomorrow I start my journey back to Leogane. I am so ready to be home and sleep in my own bed again!


Andrea said...

YAY it did get better! Thank you!!! :) So exciting!
Enjoy your trip back!!!

Sophie said...

Yeah! Congrats to all the winners!