Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lets share some HOPE

August 29th (Monday) will mark 3 years since Berlancia went home to heaven. While it could be tempting to think of this as a sad anniversary I would rather remember the promise of hope that it represents.


3 years of running, jumping and playing with her Daddy in heaven. 3 years of no sickness, pain or tears. 3 years that is but a breath in the span of eternity that we are promised. How could we find anything but complete joy in knowing that she is there?

August 29th was also, essentially the day that Espwa Berlancia was born. Although it took several years to finally come true, that day was the beginning of a dream for hope.

On this anniversary I want to invite all of you to help me in celebrating! Celebrating Berlancia’s life on earth and her 3 years in the arms of our Lord. Celebrating the hope that her legacy has brought to so many.

The idea is to spend the day sharing hope with those around us. Since we are celebrating 3 years we invite you to choose 3 random acts of kindness to share and use to remind others that hope lives! Of course, if you may choose to do more than 3 if you would like!

I will be taking the day with my mom and Kerdjerns and we will each chose 3 things that we can do to bless others. Perhaps you would like to share this project with your family too.

I have created tags that you can print and share with those whom you bless. Go HERE to download and print the page.

Some ideas:

  • Bake cookies and share them at a local nursing home
  • Purchase Helium Balloons and share them with kids in a local park
  • Help people carry grocery bags to their vehicle
  • Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you in the coffee shop
  • Leave a treat in your mailbox for the mail man
  • Share a bottle of water with the homeless person on the street, better yet sit with them for a moment and listen to what they have to say, give them the dignity of a loving touch
  • Write and mail an encouraging letter to a friend
  • Cook and deliver a meal to someone
  • Bring treats to a local police or fire station
  • Wash someone’s car
  • Gather or purchase a bouquet of flower and give them to someone who looks like they need cheering up
  • Set up a free lemonade stand near some construction workers

There are so many great and encouraging things that you can do for others, use your imagination! I think that you’ll find that while you are sharing hope with others it becomes much easier to find the joy in your own life.

Lastly, I would love for all of you who participate to come back and share your experiences of hope in celebrating the anniversary of homecoming of Miss B. I think we would all love to see what everyone one else comes up with!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Eyes Are Watching

There is little privacy in my life in Haiti, not much blending in for me. Sometimes it is draining to be stared at everywhere I go, to constantly be called “blan”. There are days when I just want to shut myself inside those tall stone walls and find some peace but there are times even then, when little eyes are watching my every move.

On this particular evening I was sitting under the mango tree in my front yard enjoying the {finally} dropping temperature, when a noticed something shining under my front gate.


This group of local boys were curiously peaking in at me while “whispering” arguments over what they thought I would do if I caught them. None of those theories included pulling out a camera but the contrast between their bright eyes, dark skin and red gate was so beautiful to me, I didn't even mind that my “alone” time had been interrupted.


Monday, August 8, 2011



I love this photo of these two sweet girls. They started out as best friends in the orphanage and now, through the miracle of adoption, they are sisters! What beautiful little ladies they are!



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help Them Out

Every once in a while you come across people who inspire you. People who open your eyes. Someone who pushes you out of the comfort of ordinary and makes you want to do something meaningful!

In my life there are a few.

Linny, who is the kind of mom I pray I could become.

Katie, who loves Jesus beyond all else and follows His call, to Uganda.

And then there is Real Hope For Haiti. Lori, Licia and their staff live and work every day for the love of Haiti. They give more of their time, sweat and energy than I could even imagine. They don’t judge, they don’t get angry seeing and hearing the same stories over and over again. They care for the hearts of the people in their care. They are the definition of service.

Since Cholera plagued Haiti, Real Hope has been on the front lines. They opened a 25 bed clinic to care for people who were suffering. They hired staff to nurse them back to help. They personally, carried buckets full of contaminated waste to dispose.

Real Hope For Haiti is an organization that I have always looked up to. I love their passion and commitment to the place that they serve.

Right now Real Hope is overwhelmed with the Cholera epidemic. Their 25 bed clinic has been caring for more than 100 people a day in the last few weeks.

These sisters, who have already given their lives to Haiti, have committed to taking on this new line of work. Land purchased years ago, planned for expanding their malnutrition clinic, has now been promised to caring for those plagued by this new epidemic.

Real Hope For Haiti is hoping to build a  100 bed cholera hospital on their new land!
In order to do this they are jumpstarting the project with an awesome fundraiser. 13,000 dollars, in 13 days. You can read all about it HERE.

I can not say enough about this amazing organization! I have met them personally and I am inspired and awed by the work that they do. I want to see them build this hospital. I want to see them save more lives. I want to see them reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I would never encourage any of you to donate to a cause that I didn’t believe in personally. Because of Real Hope For Haiti 3 kids that I love dearly are alive today. When they took sweet Anel into their care he was very, very sick. I am convinced that if they had not taken him he would have died. Today he lives. Bianka, who struggled for months, went to their home and came back a new, thriving baby girl. Sanel was weak, unable to eat or gain weight, today he walks and smiles! They save lives, every single day. They give  mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, back to their families! No one is outside of the perimeters of their care, no one is turned away.

Anel[4]               Anel's Visit May 2011 (16)
  *Anel at Real Hope For Haiti                      *Anel after care from RHFH

I believe in HOPE. I believe in this project!
Belive with me… Help this vision come to life!
Visit Real Hope For Haiti to donate to their building fund.