Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Eyes Are Watching

There is little privacy in my life in Haiti, not much blending in for me. Sometimes it is draining to be stared at everywhere I go, to constantly be called “blan”. There are days when I just want to shut myself inside those tall stone walls and find some peace but there are times even then, when little eyes are watching my every move.

On this particular evening I was sitting under the mango tree in my front yard enjoying the {finally} dropping temperature, when a noticed something shining under my front gate.


This group of local boys were curiously peaking in at me while “whispering” arguments over what they thought I would do if I caught them. None of those theories included pulling out a camera but the contrast between their bright eyes, dark skin and red gate was so beautiful to me, I didn't even mind that my “alone” time had been interrupted.



Lorie V. said...

Love your "Little Eyes are Watching" Photo... Ok not just love... adore!! Fantastic.

Joy said...

This has a very mischevious look. Great moment captured!

Niki said...

Love this! Way to capture the "eyes" theme!

julie said...

Fantastic capture - glad you had your camera handy! Love those eyes and the story that goes with them! :)