Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Weeks 2,000 Dollars

2 weeks from today I will finally be home!

Leogane Tent City June 2011 (53)

It’s so real I can taste it, oh my word. I almost never let myself get excited about going back until I am on the plane. There are just so many “what if’s” until that point.

Once again I find myself holding my breath. Will it really happen? Will everything actually come together?

Today I got a phone call from Leogane. Mr. Willy’s son was on the other line, his father is sick again. You may remember that last June Mr. Willy appeared to be having a stroke while I visited him in his home. Jesse and I were able to put him on the back of a motorcycle and bring him to a local hospital. He was not admitted… Instead they confirmed my suspicions but told me that they were out of the medicine that was needed to treat him. They sent him home but graciously gave me the information for a clinic that would give me the medication. Pills were delivered and though weak and still lacking control over the left side of his body, Mr. Willy was on the mend when I left to return to the States. Today his son told me he has been growing weaker, his fevers are almost constant and he has been unable to walk for several days. They took him to the free hospital in town but he was sent away because they had no empty beds. I have no idea if I would be able to help if I were there. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to turn him away. Tonight I pray that he will hold on for a few more days…

Mr. Willy June 2011 (3)

I have hesitated to share too much of our newest information because working in Haiti, I know that plans often change and things almost never turn out as expected. However, I am fairly confident after much communication with those on the ground that our new news is certain to happen soon.


2 to be exact. Both are waiting to join our home when I return to Leogane. I hesitate to share much until everything is official. Like I said, in Haiti nothing is ever guaranteed until it happens. What I can tell you now is that these 2 little ones are biological siblings, almost 2 years old and newborn. The 2 year old is HIV+ and the new baby has not yet been tested. Their mother is a very young woman who is extremely sick. At this point it is obvious that she is dying of AIDS.

Oh the questions and pain swirl. We have been blessed recently with enough medication to change the lives of a few HIV+ people in our program. This young lady is at the top of the list to receive these medications. At this point our frantic plea is that she will be strong enough for her body to fight back from where she is, that the meds won’t have come too late. I don’t know how realistic that is. In the last year she has faded fast. Realistically, she may be too sick to be helped.

The best case scenario is that this woman will receive her medication and being to get well, that her CD4 counts will rise dramatically. If this happens we will praise the Lord for her life saved. Even with therapy it will be several months before this mama is able to care for her children again. Her toddler will need to be watched carefully as he is also infected. The new baby will need to be tested several times over the next few months and possibly years. This is a long term commitment that we are making.

Along with these precious ones are looking into a 3rd situation. A 3rd child that is in need, a 3rd real live person.

This brings many wonderful opportunities for us and carries much responsibility. No longer am I able to just “wing it”. A lot of thought and planning for the future needs to take place. In that respect I know that I need to seriously organize for my return. One big part of that plan is to be in a financial place where I can confidently promise everything that these precious ones will need.

I have outlined a monthly budget that breaks down all of our needs on the Espwa Berlancia website. You can find that information HERE. At this point I know that in order to proceed with our "*tentative* plans I will need to fly into Haiti with enough funds to run the house for AT LEAST a month. I have to know, before I bring these children into our home, that I will be able to provide for them and their precious needs.

To run Espwa Berlancia house for one month it costs $2,000. I need to be able to take that money, in cash with me to Leogane on September 23rd. Once again, I come to ask for your help. We are all created to care for one another, each can do it in their own way. I am incredibly blessed to be able to give my life, to live in Haiti unfortunately that doesn’t leave room for a “real” job. Oh, how I wish there was a way for me to be able to support this work myself but I know that just isn’t possible. Instead, I do the next best thing. I turn to you, I ask you for your help, I invite you to be as much of a part of this journey as I am. A body with many parts, all serving a purpose. That is the only way that this will ever be successful. Will you be a part of this with me? I you come beside me to take care of these little babies, to care in love for their mama, to provide for those I have learned to love?

In the next few days I will be working on sharing about my journey here at home and all of the things that have come together to bring healing and confidence in my return to Haiti. It has been a very personal and private time but I strive to be transparent to those who have so faithfully supported me. I am totally looking forward to sorting all of my junk into something someone would ever care to read, I can’t even try to guess how long that might take! But am committed to making sure that all of you know as much about the parts of me that relate to this work in Haiti, as possible.

For now, use the chip in button to help us make sure we can take care of these new, priceless lives.

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