Friday, October 21, 2011

Word Gets Around

It’s finally happened, Espwa Berlancia is a busy place! People know we are here and they are coming almost constantly now. Just as I sat down to write this I’ve been called to the gate twice. Once to take the temperature of a 2 year old little boy. “I’m sure he has a fever” his father said, “but we don’t own a thermometer, can you use yours to check for me?” 102.6, yes, he had a fever.

Most people come because they think that we are a medical clinic, I’ve stopped counting how many people I turn away each day. They must go to Comejo or Sans Frontiers. I try to send them to places that are free and have good doctors. Sometimes we will send someone over to the Heart to Heart clinic where they charge 50 gourdes (Just over 1usd) for an examination.

In June while I was here I was bored a lot of the time, I didn’t have much to do. Today it is so much different. There is constant activity now. People are beginning to know and trust us. They see me as a neighbor. I left but I came back, they know that when I told them I could return, like so many others do, I kept my word! While we sit together on the street corner eating griot and drinking cold prestige we talk easily, we joke and banter back and forth. During those seemingly insignificant times bonds are formed and the next day they come to my gate, working up the courage for the shot and the 10 minute wait for a result that could change everything. Joy soars through my heart with each “NEGATIF” that I write. Cold fear grips while I watch 2 faint red lines appear. I have to stop myself from sitting and staring at that little stick while it processes. Find things to do to pass the 10 minuets that the results require.

Each day as people come inside our walls a life is changed. Though almost everyone is sent along to somewhere else for the care that they need, the fact that they come to me in the first place is amazing and humbling. The accept me and that is something that my heart has been aching for for a very long time. Yes, every day inside our walls a life is changed, mine.

I am constantly growing, learning new things and falling even more in love with my amazing life. Espwa Berlancia will continue to grow and change and I will to but it just amazes me that the long ago dream is really a reality!

Oh, and by the way, I am pleased to announce that Espwa Berlancia is now officially recognized as a 501©3! So for all of you who have been waiting to make your big tax deductible donation, now is the time! Winking smile


Nicole said...

Glad to hear ur keeping busy. Need to set up with Comejo....should I order more HIV test? Miss you and Haiti so much today, having one of those "caught in the middle" kinda days...... wish we could talk.

Brittnei said...

Congrats love...thinking about you!