Thursday, December 15, 2011

Annabel Kay, 1 Month Old

I cannot believe my baby girl is growing up SO fast! Because Gup didn’t come to me until he was almost 2 years old, I missed all of those first little moments with him. I am determined to recognize and cherish the fact that this time I have with Annabel is a gift.


At one month old Miss Annabel weighs 9lbs 2oz. She is still in newborn diapers and most of her newborn clothes, although I find myself packing more and more away each day.

This month Annabel took her first trip, up to Thommasin for American Thanksgiving. While we were there Miss Joyce got her to “smile” for the first time. Since then I have gotten tiny little quivery smiles but nothing big yet!


Right now Annabel is learning all about facial expressions and it is absolutely adorable! Sometimes when I am talking to her she will close her eyes and raise her eyebrows at me like she’s really excited, I love it! She is also discovering her hands, starting to suck her thumb and always sleeps with his little fits curled up by the left side of her face!


This first month of Annabel’s life has been amazing and wonderful! She is the best baby, sleeping well, eating like a champ and always happy. I am so incredibly blessed to have 2 amazing kids to love, hold and experience life with!






1 Month

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Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures, can't wait to see the real life babes, although Gup looks quite grown up now, next to Annabel...
Only 2 weeks and 2 days left