Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out Of Words?

When I started blogging it was to record and share an incredible and what I thought short, trip to Haiti. Almost 4 years later I’m still here. Still on this incredible trip. Still sharing. But sometimes I feel like I’m out of words, like there is nothing left to say. It’s not true, there is still a lot to stay, more than I could ever write but I’ve found myself in a slump. A place where sitting down to type feels forced, fake and frantic.
Maybe it’s because I am not shocked enough, maybe it’s because all the stories start to sound the same. Maybe it’s because I am just downright tired and discouraged in my work right now. For whatever reason the words aren’t there. And if they aren’t there I will not force them. I will not shoot out dramatic stories that are just meant to fill up space. When I invite you into my journey and the lives of those around me, I do not do it to make sure that people stay interested, to keep them reading. I do it because I genuinely want you to know. I want to paint you a picture, I want to to taste and smell and hear what I do. If I can’t do that right I will wait until I can.
Maybe it’s just a bad case of writers block that I need to work though
I won’t leave you totally hanging though…
How about a peek at how much this little boy loves his “Banabella”

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mamamargie said...

I understand your lack of words. I haven't written on my blog in a little over two months. After my dad died and we moved across the country, I kind of felt like the wind got knocked out of my sails. But I'm glad you are still writing. I'm glad you're still posting sweet pictures like you do. I'm glad you're still there doing what you do best. Blessings to you!