Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Is In A Name

Sweet Annabel has been so wished for, so loved. Before I knew her, I wanted her. Before I held her in my arms I loved her.
This is Anna. (She doesn’t blog anymore but you have to go back and read through some of her older stuff)
She rocks!
She loves the heck out of Haitian kids. She and God have loved the death right out of quite a few. Anna has an incredibly unique gift for special children and as long as I have known her I have looked up to her.
To me, naming a baby is an incredible honor and I always swore that the first little girl I named would mean something. I had no idea it would be my very own daughter. Annabel Kay is named for 2 of my very favorite people in the world.
For Anna, to see my little girl grow up to love fiercely like Anna does would be every mother’s dream. To have a child with the grace and compassion of my dear friend would bring incredible joy to my heart. As I try to guide her though this life I hope that I can use my sweet friend Anna’s example! Annabel for Anna!


Her “Kay” comes from my mom, who’s middle name is Kay. Annabel was SO close to holding out and being Nana’s birthday baby, just a few hours short! Still, the Kay fits. My mom has been incredible, my entire life. She has never been anything but supportive when I’ve done crazy and stupid things along the way. She let me follow my dream, even though it meant going thousands of miles away. Even though it’s almost impossible to think of her as a “Nana”, Annabel Kay will grow up with the very best one I can think of.


And so, for my Annabel Kay, I pray that you grow to be kind, adventurous, forgiving, loving, passionate and incredible, just like those two women are. And, above all I pray that you will grow to have a radical and steadfast faith in The Father, the kind that they possess!


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