Friday, December 2, 2011

Wood Mike


This little boy is Wood Mike, he is 5 years old.
Wood’s mother recently tested positive for HIV. We were able to refer her to a clinic in Port Au Prince where she is receiving further testing and wills soon be put on an ARV treatment plan. Thankfully, Wood has tested negative for the virus!
Before she got sick Wood Mike’s mother purchased a uniform and books for his schooling but she has been unable to pay the tuition for him to attend. If she does not come up with the money by next week Wood will be forced to leave school.
It would be heartbreaking for Wood Mike’s mom to receive yet another blow. She wants nothing more than for her son to get a good education, to have a hope for his future. She told me she is scared because she doesn’t know if she will be there when he grows up and she wants to give him all the chances she can now, she wants to make sure that he will be ok. One of the ways she can do that is to make sure that he is able to attend school for as long as possible.
During this time of year it is easy to say that money is tight, holidays can be draining financially but I wonder what it would do to a family to have one less present under the tree, and a photo of a boy who’s life will forever be changed in a frame?
The tuition for Wood Mike’s school is $300usd for the entire year. The full amount must be paid next week for him to continue to attend. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to sponsor Wood Mike? You will receive photos, a letter and school reports as well as a million thanks from me. I can’t think of any greater Christmas gift to give Wood’s mother than to assure her that her little boy is cared for and loved!
If you would like to sponsor Wood Mike please email me at rhyanbuettner(at)espwaberlancia(dot)org and let me know!

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