Sunday, January 15, 2012

Annabel Kay 2 Months Old

I can’t believe you are already 2 months old, Annabel. I feel like I just wrote about your first month of life and here I go again.

We have started using the 90 minuet sleep method religiously and it is like a dream! You nap so well and sleep almost all night every night. Sometimes you still get up to eat between 3 and 5 but you always go right back to sleep and stay down until 7 or 8. You  have also gone up to 5-6oz at  a time and waiting longer between feedings.

This month Melanie and Emma came to visit and gave you lots of love and cuddles. You soaked it all in!

On January 5th you impressed us all when you rolled over for the first time, from your belly to your back, but you’ve only done it twice since then.


You are 21 inches long and weigh 9.5lb. People always say how tiny you are but you are feisty and strong too! You love to look at peoples faces and are very social!


Right now you wear a size 0-3 months and some newborn. We switched over to fully cloth diapers now and you wear them snapped up on the smallest size, on the occasional outing you have worn disposables in newborn or size 1.


This month we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Your personality is so sweet, and happy and you have a stubborn streak that I know will keep me on my toes!


Annabel, I can’t believe how quickly these days, weeks and now months, are passing by! You have blessed my life beyond imagination, I couldn’t imaging it without you. I love you more than I knew possible and each and every day I pray that you grow up in that love and knowing that I will always be there for you.

1 and 2 months

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