Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Without Suffering There Would Be No Compassion

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Today he is well and I remember, just like I prayed I would, how far he has come. And I remember too, just like I prayed I would, the depths from which I myself have been recovered. Saved from the disease of indifference and the infection of selfishness that once filled my soul. He has come far in the care of his nannies and the grace of God. I too, in the care of the ones God has given to guide and restore my life, and in His grace, have come far.

Today, he is well and yet the cycle of complete need for His rescue continues.

It continues in her.


She is between 7 and 8 months old with a story of survival that would wreck even the strongest of men.

9 days ago a woman packed all of her belongings and left her home in the slums of Cite Soleli, where she went, no one seems to know. What she left behind, the most precious of any treasure…

I can’t even begin to imagine what this baby’s eyes saw and searched for while she sat alone for 8 days. I can’t entertain what ideas must have plagued her little mind while she sat and wondered and waited. My body will never know the feeling that hers did, having nothing to eat or drink as the hours passed into days.

And then a rescue. A family member came along and found her. She scooped her up, in her sickness and filth and brought her to the closest clinic she could find. That clinic referred her to God’s Littlest Angels and through our gates she found rest. An IV started quickly, filling her dry body with life saving fluids. Clean clothes, a diaper and a bed were presented and she lay her heavy head down and slept, cared for and prayed over by women who believe in healing and hope.


Her healing won’t be without pain, hard work, tears and sleepless nights of prayer. In the time it takes The Father to do His healing work in this little girl, I know that there is still work to be done in me. I can imagine it might be painful, difficult and exhausting, I can anticipate sleepless nights of prayer and probably some tears. But, just in the same way I can see the big picture, how the things that are happening now are leading her to a better future, and to hope, God’s plans of hope and future for me, the big picture, are so clear to Him.

I can’t get to a point in my heart where I see that their suffering was worth it, no matter how incredible the outcome. My human heart and small mind can not comprehend the idea that somehow, in someway, this is good. I don’t believe I ever will, I don’t believe I have to. I only have to believe that while this world is not good, my God is.

It is said that without suffering there would be no compassion… I can imagine that children like these, the ones who have suffered so unfairly, will grow to be people so full of compassion that it spills out into everyone around them, the kind of people who change the world.


Kathryn said...

Love this post, Rhyan. And I cannot believe the change that has happened in that sweet boy in such a short time!!! I'm sure everyone is saying that...but it's just amazing! It has Isaiah 61 written all over it...

Lauren Elise Bond said...

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for healing Ismael, for calling him into your perfect arms to heal him. Thank you Jesus for calling this precious girl into the arms of Christ-enabled lovers, who will care for her and hold her tenderly until she too is healed, by your miraculous power. Thank you Jesus for loving us sinners. Thank you Jesus for giving your life for all of us. Thank you Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is the most hearbreaking, yet uplifting story I have read in ages! It filled me with compassion and tears at the same time. Thank you for sharing, and God BLESS all of you who work tirelessly, day after day, month after month, year after year, to make such a difference in this world. God knows and sees your goodness. I wish I could hug that little girl, but I believe she will have a wonderful life. I believe God brought her to GLA for a reason, and that great things are in store for her.

Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is heartfelt.

Kimberly Garner

Natasha Woolledge said...

Amen. I cannot believe she lived on her own for that long. Wow. I can't imagine how confused the poor mom must have been to have left her precious baby. Thank you for the story.

Margie said...

Very touching post. Thank you!