Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Ordinary Miracle

4 years ago an ordinary miracle occurred. In a single moment, on the cement floor of a tin roofed shack, the world changed with his single breath.

I wonder often what he looked like that day. I wonder if he was alert, listening to this mother’s whispers, recognizing the sound of her voice. I wonder if he had a head of dark curls that she kissed, I wonder how many times she counted his toes and examined him, declaring him “perfect”.

And I wonder, on that same day 4 years ago, what I was doing. I wonder if my heart skipped a beat in that single second. I wonder if, in that moment, something deep down inside of me knew him. I wonder if that was the day I started missing my son. I didn’t know that anything had changed but suddenly everything was different, because even though I had no idea, my son had just been born.

I wouldn’t meet him until 18 months later but on that February day in 2009 God’s plan was unfolding. His son, my son, was not in my arms on that night but he has always been in His hands.

DSC01790_thumb1                                                *Luc turns 2. February 2011

February 2012 (222)                                            *Luc turns 3. February 2012

SONY DSCDSC_0028April 2012 (357)

The 2 amazing birthdays I shared with him were a gift that I will spend the rest of my life thanking Jesus for. Tonight, once again, he is not in my arms but he is still and always will be, in His hands.


Nicole said...

OK the minute I saw the pics with him in the gown you made and you with the matching headband... I burst out laughing. Rember how we got his head stuck tryin to take it off!!! I miss him too. You should have posted a pic with his room filled with ballons.


Loved reading your blog over the last couple of years. I took a liking to Gup. How did you get that name? I just was looking at the dates & realized that Gup was born just days before my little foster son went to meet Jesus. Our little Quincey was 1 month old & we were honored to love him until Jesus came for him on a beautiful Monday morning. We have just passed the 4 anniversary of his passing. Amazing how God has so many things going in peoples lives that are similar when we slow down long enough to look around. I like the new blog page too. Hope you & Miss Anna are doing great. Janet