Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miracle Mo

51 days ago Monelson was extremely sick. He had collapsed and lie in a hospital bed in a 3rd world country. The room where he was being treated was hot and privacy unheard of.

From all over the world people worried and waited and PRAYED.

This morning Monelson woke up under a warm blanket, in his comfortable bed, in a private hospital room in Pennsylvania. With his Mother by his side he walked his slowly strengthening body into the clean and fully functioning American bathroom.


The last 51 days have been heartbreaking, difficult beyond imagination and filled with more tears, joy and miracles than even those of us who walked through them can fully comprehend.

On Friday, August 9th at around 6pm, by the favor of God, Scott and Julia were granted a private meeting at the United States Embassy in Port Au Prince. Time and options were running out and the truth that no one dared to entertain was growing more and more obvious. if Monelson were to live he needed to get to the United States immediately. For those in the adoption world Friday afternoon is not a time to rejoiced as it is for most people. Friday afternoon means the beginning of 2 LONG days where nothing happens in any offices. The government buildings shut down and the wait for Monday and the possibility of new news begins. I have seen and know the power of Jesus Christ, He could have written Monelson’s story however He wanted… I don’t believe it was by any accident that He chose a time constraint put on by mere human hands to point even more to Himself. God stole Friday evening back in victory for adoption on August 9th and Monelson was granted Humanitarian Parole and approved to enter the United States to receive medical care that would save his life.


The very next day Monelson left Haiti on a private ambulance flight, the funds for which being provided by many of you! He landed and was admitted to the PICU at Hershey Medical Center. The road to recovery has been difficult and long but God has been faithful in His grace.

Today, though still weak and with a long journey ahead of him, Monelson is doing well. The Doctors have figured out that a case of staph pneumonia was the cause of the original infection and while he is still fighting blood infections and severe malnutrition, his condition improves every day. There are even whispers of plans for discharge and finally being able to go to his new home with the Deputys!


Monelson is a modern day miracle that points to the faithfulness and heart of our Heavenly Father. Every single detail was undeniably and carefully orchestrated by Him. I consider the honor of seeing Him work and I am overwhelmed. Each of you who read Monelson’s story, gave of your resources for his care and prayed over his healing were used in a powerful way. I believe that as the body of Christ came together in love over this very special little boy, miracles occurred. Let us never forget in our weaknesses the power of God we saw in this season of life and healing.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Change The World 2013


It’s the start of another school year here in Haiti. Uniforms are being whipped out left and right. New books and shiny black shoes are appearing and kids, like all over the world, are anxiously awaiting that all important first day.

There are 4 precious children here in Haiti who dream of what this year, and the future will bring. Without help, September 2nd will come and go for them just like any other day. While their neighbors and friends head off the the first day of class and they will be left behind.
An education in Haiti is not guaranteed, it does not come without a huge sacrifice and sometimes, unobtainable price.

I know the families of these children well. They are truly in need of help and I desperately want these 4 to go to school this year. Allow me to introduce you…

Meet Mike

WoodMike Toussaint (1)

Mike is 6 years old. He lives with his mother in a one room house. He is the only child in the home. Their small hut is in a compound with several of their extended family members. Mike’s mother does not have regular work, she has given 1 child up for adoption, 2 years ago.

Mike is entering 1st grade. His favorite subject is French. When Mike grows up he wants to be a teacher. He has been sponsored for school for the past 2 years and has done exceptionally well in all of his classes. He is a hard worker and his mother is very supportive of his education. Attending school this year is very important to Mike.

WoodMike Toussaint (2)

Meet Williams

Williams Pierre (1)

Williams is 11 years old. He lives with his mother and aunt in a one room house. He is the only child in the home. Their small cement house is in a compound with several of their extended family members. Williams’ mother does not have regular work, she has given 1 child up for adoption, 6 years ago.

Williams is entering 2nd grade. His favorite subject is Math. When Williams grows up he wants to be a race car driver Winking smile.Williams is several years behind in school because his mother has rarely been able to afford tuition. This is his first year in the sponsorship program.

Williams Pierre

Meet Robens

Robens Pierre (2)

Robens is 16 years old. He lives with his father, stepmother, sister and 2 stepbrothers in a 2 room house. Robens’ father sometimes buys supplies in bulk and resells them for a small profit but he does not have regular work. In 2007 Robens’ father gave his youngest son up for adoption due to the family’s circumstances.

Robens is entering 10th grade (of the Haitian 13 year course). He told me he loves all subjects and can’t pick just one favorite. Robens dreams of going to medical school and becoming a doctor one day. Robens has a special medical need which we are trying to address. Because of his condition and his family’s circumstances he has not been able to attend school regularly. This is his first year in the sponsorship program.

Robens Pierre (1)

Meet Dencia

Dencia Pierre (2)

Dencia  is 18 years old. She lives with her father, stepmother, brother (Robens) and 2 stepbrothers in a 2 room house. Dencia’s father is sometimes employed but he does not have regular work. In 2007 Dencia’s youngest brother was placed for adoption due to the families circumstances.
Dencia is entering her final year of school. She has begun taking nursing classes in addition to her regular school studies. She hopes to be able to attend nursing school full time after graduation. Dencia has been sponsored for the last few years through another program before transferring into the Espwa Berlancia sponsorship program. We are praying her schooling will be fully covered through the generosity of our partners. (You!)

Dencia Pierre (1)

The average income in Haiti is $2 a day. That equals out to be roughly $730 a year. School tuition is $325 per child. The math speaks for itself. It is virtually impossible for any of these kids to go to school this year without sponsorship. They have dreams for the future and they deserved the chance to follow those dreams.

You can choose to fully sponsor one student for $325 (please put the child’s name in the memo of your payment) or contribute any amount you choose to the general education fund to be shared between all unsponsored children.

Please use our paypal like below to donate or send a check to

Espwa Berlancia
PO Box 16803
Alexandria, VA 22302

With School Sponsorship 2013 (Child’s Name/General Fund) in the memo

Thank you for your help in providing a future for these precious little ones.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Strong Like Spiderman

Just over a year ago God called me to a place that broke my heart.

After deciding to close down the Espwa Berlancia house in Leogane I was desperate to find a way to be used for His purpose. I stumbled into the gates of an Orphanage. The things I found there were heartbreaking. Unbelievable. All the things that The Church begs to see, hiding the truth of what we all wish didn’t exist. Among the chaos lived almost 30 little ones. Children. Sons and Daughters of God, my brothers and sisters. Quickly I fell head over heals in love with each of them. I learned what cry from each meant, who was scared, sad or hurt. I learned who needed hugs and who needed my extra alone time. I learned how to give when I was empty of anything but His grace.

Every single one of these little lives still fill my thoughts every day. Leaving that place did not come easily to me, I grieved for each of them on the day I drove away. While I still think about them all, a select few stand out to me. There is the little girl, extra special and full of hope, trapped in a broken body, radiating joy from her very core. There is a little boy who once shared my home and my dinner table… and there is one who stands out the most tonight.


In the last month the one I have thought about, prayed sleepless nights over and dreamed of is a young man who is stronger than Peter Parker on his best Spiderman day. A boy named Monelson. He is sweet. A leader. Already clearly a man of God at just 11 years old. He was handpicked by our Father for a family that inspires me in every way. His parents define grace, they inspire me as I learn to lead my own daughter, their every move pointing to Him. God knit their family together and has been writing His story of grace through them for the past 2 years.

Last month Monelson became very ill and every single day since then has tested this family in ways that they have never known.  I asked Monelson’s sister to share a little bit of his story…

“To tell the whole story we must rewind. Two years ago, Scott and Julie followed the calling to take their family of three girls from Pennsylvania on a mission trip. We ended up in Leogane, Haiti in an orphanage surrounded by the most beautiful souls in the world. Scott and Julie have always wanted to adopt so they went to this orphanage with their hearts and minds wide open and no expectations but that of the will of God would prevail. That is how we all fell in love with our precious gift, Monelson.


At age nine he was boisterous, athletic, full of life, intelligent, and the newest member of our family. We began the paperwork right away and have been swimming against the strong current of adoption politics ever since.

This brings us up to speed to July 8th, 2013. We receive a phone call from Haiti that Monelson, now almost age 11, had been hospitalized due to a fever and collapsing. He experienced shortness of breath and a sore throat and was taken to the nearest Doctors without Borders Hospital. While there, it was discovered that he had bacterial pneumonia and his condition worsened.


He spiked high fevers daily, and his lungs began to fill with fluid. Due to the fluid he had to have a drain placed in one of his lungs which began to empty out all of the pus that his lungs were producing. After two weeks of several IV antibiotics and both of his lungs collapsing, emergency surgery was done to re-inflate the lungs and new drains were placed in both of the lungs. The growing severity of his condition left all of the doctors baffled and it was at that time the Doctors without Borders hospital felt it was in Monelson’s best interest that he be moved to the Bernard Mevs Project Medishare Hospital in Haiti’s capital Port-Au-Prince.


On July 27th Monelson went in for his third surgery for bilateral thoracotomies which once again cleaned out the pus in his lungs and fixed a leak in his lung. They also re-placed bilateral chest tubes in him to aid in the drainage of fluid and support his lungs that had already failed him on more than one occasion. Monelson will be eleven in less than two weeks and has lost so much weight that he is only a mere forty pounds and his bones can be clearly seen through his skin. His body cannot retain proper nutrition that he needs so a feeding tube has been put in place to try and replenish his fragile body as well as a central line IV to his heart where they can feed more concentrated nutrients to his body. He has also recently been intubated to aid in his breathing so he can no longer talk, eat, or
 breathe on his own. This has been Monelson’s life for the past month.


Scott and Julie have gone down to be with him when time and jobs allowed it and their oldest daughter, Lydia, delayed her college degree completion, left her final semester of college and went to be with Monelson full time and care for him in any way possible. In the midst of this, we are filing for an expedited completion of the adoption since we could see the finish line before Monelson became sick. Our family has never faced a trial such as this one. Those of us in the states wait every day for a phone call in hopes of good news but unfortunately those are few and far between. Our faith has been tested beyond measure as this handsome boy faces death daily. I have never seen my parents so worn down just getting through each day. I’ve never heard my sister so tired and weary but trying to hold it all together for Monelson daily. He is discouraged and restless longing to play and laugh while feeling safe and healthy. He is only ten years old but the strongest and most resilient child I have ever met and he’s the one who’s body is filled with infection. God has a plan and asks us for the faith like a child, patience, and perseverance. He is the ultimate healer and we have to seek him daily, hourly and most times every minute for peace and guidance in this trying time of our lives.

Doctors are telling us that Monelson needs better medical care. Haiti simply cannot offer this so the process has begun in getting him a medical visa to the United States in order to get him the proper surgeries, antibiotics, and recovery that he is in need of to begin healing. If the adoption is completed before the medical visa, then we can take him right away however, we are currently waiting for a hospital that will accept a pro bono case, as well as, looking for a Medevac to transport Monelson, home safely to a US hospital. Once getting here Monelson faces possible lung surgery, ventilation rest for two weeks, and intense nutritional care through an IV. For now, the doctors are doing all they can to just sustain him from getting worse but he needs to come to America, not only to get better and live, but to be with his forever family that has prayed for him for two years and loves him more than anything. We are in desperate need of funds to pay for the Medevac, as well as Monelson’s growing hospital bill. Please consider playing a small part along with the rest of the body of Christ, in helping to get our boy home where he belongs! Please follow the directions below for giving a tax-deductible donation. 100% of all donations will go to his hospital bill and medevac expenses. On behalf of the rest of my family both here and across the ocean, we thank you for your role in helping to give my brother the life he was meant to live!”


This little boy, this fighter, this SON of the King and of my sweet friends, needs our help. The body of Christ is called tonight to rise and care for His precious child. Will you join the cheering squad, believing and claiming life over Monelson today? Will you stand behind this family in constant prayer, breathe your words of encouragement and faith upon them and help them carry this financial burden together as brothers and sisters of Monelson, Scott, Julie, Lydia, Maryl and Grace?

All donations are tax deductible and go directly towards Monelson’s medical care, VISA process and emergency evacuation to the United States. (Approximately $20,000usd)  You can donate using your paypal, bank account or debit card.

                          Mo Button

Please specify “Monelson Deputy” in the comment area of your donation!
If you would prefer to mail a check please make it out to Espwa Berlancia with “Monelson Deputy Fund” in the memo.

All financial donations can be sent to:
Espwa Berlancia
PO Box 16803
Alexandria, VA 22302