Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miracle Mo

51 days ago Monelson was extremely sick. He had collapsed and lie in a hospital bed in a 3rd world country. The room where he was being treated was hot and privacy unheard of.

From all over the world people worried and waited and PRAYED.

This morning Monelson woke up under a warm blanket, in his comfortable bed, in a private hospital room in Pennsylvania. With his Mother by his side he walked his slowly strengthening body into the clean and fully functioning American bathroom.


The last 51 days have been heartbreaking, difficult beyond imagination and filled with more tears, joy and miracles than even those of us who walked through them can fully comprehend.

On Friday, August 9th at around 6pm, by the favor of God, Scott and Julia were granted a private meeting at the United States Embassy in Port Au Prince. Time and options were running out and the truth that no one dared to entertain was growing more and more obvious. if Monelson were to live he needed to get to the United States immediately. For those in the adoption world Friday afternoon is not a time to rejoiced as it is for most people. Friday afternoon means the beginning of 2 LONG days where nothing happens in any offices. The government buildings shut down and the wait for Monday and the possibility of new news begins. I have seen and know the power of Jesus Christ, He could have written Monelson’s story however He wanted… I don’t believe it was by any accident that He chose a time constraint put on by mere human hands to point even more to Himself. God stole Friday evening back in victory for adoption on August 9th and Monelson was granted Humanitarian Parole and approved to enter the United States to receive medical care that would save his life.


The very next day Monelson left Haiti on a private ambulance flight, the funds for which being provided by many of you! He landed and was admitted to the PICU at Hershey Medical Center. The road to recovery has been difficult and long but God has been faithful in His grace.

Today, though still weak and with a long journey ahead of him, Monelson is doing well. The Doctors have figured out that a case of staph pneumonia was the cause of the original infection and while he is still fighting blood infections and severe malnutrition, his condition improves every day. There are even whispers of plans for discharge and finally being able to go to his new home with the Deputys!


Monelson is a modern day miracle that points to the faithfulness and heart of our Heavenly Father. Every single detail was undeniably and carefully orchestrated by Him. I consider the honor of seeing Him work and I am overwhelmed. Each of you who read Monelson’s story, gave of your resources for his care and prayed over his healing were used in a powerful way. I believe that as the body of Christ came together in love over this very special little boy, miracles occurred. Let us never forget in our weaknesses the power of God we saw in this season of life and healing.


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Doug K said...

Praise God Mo is gaining weight and strength! Such a blessing as he is with his loving family!!! We Love you Mo and the rest of the Deputy clan! Our God is an awesome God!

Doug K