Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Once Again


I love fall! It’s always been my favorite season. I love the cold, clear nights, the snap in the air, the scented candles and hot caramel apple cider. Everything just feels so cozy and cuddly.

I struggled my first few years in Haiti. There just isn’t that definite changing of the seasons here like there is in Minnesota. I missed it. A lot. But, the longer I am here the more that homesick longing fades. Last week during an afternoon thunderstorm I had on my flannel pajama pants and fuzzy socks and I  commented to a friend about the awesome fall weather. I find myself looking forward to Christmas season here, a bizarre mixture of familiar carols and palm trees. With each year that passes this place feels more like home to me.

While I love fall there is one thing that happens every year that I dread. The ever present need to raise the money that I will need for the rent each year. Last year, if you remember, I was able to push off paying part of the money until April and within just 24 hours, you faithful friends had provided all I needed with even some to put towards the coming year. This year I will need to pay, in full, by the beginning of November. I was able to pay $1500 already but there is a remaining balance of $2000 that I will need to have in the next week in order to be set for another year of living in Haiti.

This home where I live is so much more than a place that Annabel and I go to sleep. It is where we do life, it is where we love on sick babies and nurse them back to health. It is where women knock on the door to share in the joy and fear of what the test results will say. It is the safe place where I unwind, where I can freely break down and cry over the injustice of this place. It’s where I ruin countless attempts at  recipes shared with me by neighbors.

The 3 babies that have shared our home in the past 6 months. 
This place is hard work but it is also home. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I am called, commanded by my God to be in the place where He built me to serve. The place that points me more toward Him every day.

Each of you who has given has been a part of what I am able to do here. Every dollar you donate to provide shelter for Annabel and I is another day spent holding and loving on His sweet children. I am eternally grateful and humbly ask again for your partnership that keeps me here.

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