Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Baby Boy For “G”

“G” was the first woman officially accepted into the Espwa Berlancia Pregnancy Partnership Program. Although she ended up being the 3rd to deliver, there was something especially precious about holding her hand during her labor while remembering sitting with her waiting for the results of a pregnancy test last July.

A healthy, 6lb 8oz baby boy made his appearance at 11:12pm Saturday after a “simple, uncomplicated” labor and delivery. He is the 4th child in the home and joins 3 big sisters. Needless to say, Papa was THRILLED when we announced the birth of a son! (Mama had an ultrasound but we were unable to determine the sex of the baby so it was a delivery room surprise for everyone.)

With his Mama and Papa’s permission I am so proud to introduce Baby Laurore-Bedjudeson. (Yes,I know, a huge name for such a tiny little man!)


With each woman I feel the precious relationship building side of this program growing stronger and I love it even more than I thought I would. Having a woman go through the program fully, from positive test to delivery (She will continue to receive support and assistance for the next 6 months) is bringing my dreams to life. I am so very thankful for this path God has chosen for me!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Imagine, you are 20 years old.

Imagine, you are unemployed and the only person in the world attempting to provide for 2, 3 or 4 hungry babies.

Imagine, you are 9 months pregnant and less than 100lbs because you simply do not have anything to eat most days.

Imagine, you sit wide awake at night to do whatever you can to try to protect yourself and your daughters from the evil of men that prey and prowl through the darkest hours. An evil that you have experienced far too many times in your short life. 

Imagine, the test result that will change everything comes in and your heart skips a beat.

Imagine, the first, all too familiar, hot pain rips through your belly and you know it’s time.

You are scared, weary and alone and now , because you are among the poorest of women in a country called Haiti, you could very well die tonight.


This is the reality of the women that I meet every single day and this is the reason that I have obeyed the calling that God put on my heart to do something.

This is why the Espwa Berlancia Pregnancy Partnership Program exists.

The women that I get to work with every day come from hard places and impossible situations. They are mothers with dreams for their children and the overwhelming task of staying alive to see them come true.

The last 2 deliveries that I attended were intense and some of the most emotional hours of my life. The pain and fear that filled the room during the laboring hours was heartbreaking.

DSC08071                                                       *typical maternity ward at a Port Au Prince hospital.

The greatest of care that we can give these women (care that is evolving and improving every day) cannot make up for the fact that every single one of them comes from a place that you and I can only imagine.

A few weeks ago my friend Erica sent me a link that caught my attention. It was a list of all of the uses for essential oils during childbirth. The idea that immediately caught my attention was the use of oils for calming and setting the atmosphere of the delivery room. I knew that I had to figure out a way to offer this to my ladies.

Reading more, there are so many benefits, I couldn’t even start to name them all. From helping to prevent infection in both mother and baby (the leading cause of death in women in the weeks following childbirth) to pain relief, I sat for hours and just daydreamed about the ways that these oils could completely change the delivery process for our women.

Erica generously offered to head up an event to raise the funds needed to purchase an entire “all oils” set from doTERRA. This set costs $1,690 and while that might seem like a lot, it will last us through deliveries for years to come! We have already raised over half of the money needed to purchase this set and have just over $600 left to bring in to be able to get this entire kit sent down in time to be used in deliveries as soon as next month!

If you feel led to donate to this project that will lead to calmer and more comfortable births for the incredible women that we serve please use the paypal button in the right sidebar and make sure to put “oils” in the notes section!

Thank you, for caring about these women with me!