Monday, February 10, 2014

30 People - 30 Dollars - 30 Days

It feels like every 6 months or so I am writing a version on this post. Frankly, I’m getting a little embarrassed and a little discouraged. It striving to be fully transparent I’m going to open up to you totally right now about my personal finances.

At this time I (and my 2 kids) am living off of the $205usd that is committed monthly support for me to be in Haiti, plus whatever “extra” one time gifts that come in. To put that in perspective, Saturday I went to the grocery store after not being able to afford to go for over a week. I bought only food, no household supplies at all and spent just over $100usd, that food will last us a little over a week. This was not an extravagant trip by any means, bread, milk, lunch meat, yogurt and cereal filled most of the cart. Living in Haiti is not cheap! While my rent was covered in full for the year I have to anticipate paying again next year. All said and done my rent is just over $300usd a month. Utilities run another $100+ (depending on if it has rained and I need to pay a water truck to come fill my cistern) Annabel’s school costs another $50 a month, plus the $300 registration fee at the beginning of the year. And on and on it goes. Today I have $12 in my wallet to last to through the beginning of March. It’s obvious that the monthly support I have in place now is just not cutting it. I could never begin to express how incredibly thankful I am to those who have committed to keeping me in Haiti and supporting my life here. Realistically though, I can’t go on at this level much longer.

Up until a few months ago my personal finances, the $205 that comes in each month plus whatever addition support happens to be donated any given week, supported both my family and a huge part of my ministry. I often spend my own money on medication for ladies, food and diapers for foster babies and hospital bills. I am beyond willing to do that but I just can’t keep up with the growing needs that come with a developing ministry. I could maybe pay a hospital bill here and there but with 5 deliveries in the last 6 weeks it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to fill in the holes of unsponsored ladies. I would be devastated to turn away someone who truly needed help because of a financial concern.

I am 100% without any bit of doubt sure that I am here for a reason and that God intends for me to remain in Haiti for a very long time. I just know that I need more consistent help to make it happen. Obviously, I have never gone hungry. My children are well cared for, God IS providing for our needs but I feel that at this time He is leading me to make a few changes. I need to set up a more reliable monthly support system. That is why I am asking for your help.

I need 30 people to become monthly sponsors, each committing to $30 a month for our family’s needs. $30 a month, just about a dollar a day. Surely together we know 30 people who can spare $30 a month!
I am putting this out there and trusting God to do the rest. If you feel led and can give $30 a month for our family in Haiti please use the link below to set up a recurring monthly support profile, share this need with your friends and family and above all, please pray for peace as I go thorough this time of transition and trust!

Donation Amount


Anonymous said...

wait-you have two children??

Karen said...

I'm very interested in hearing more about your ministry. Are you, as an individual, the only one supporting Espwa Berlancia?