Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rollin’ With My Babies.

When God first began calling me to Belle Anse I very firmly said “NO WAY” until I decided, a few months later, to change it up a little. Now, I know God doesn’t work this way but I decided to “make a deal”. I told him I would go, if He gave me 24 hour electricity and a car. I knew that both of those things were so far fetched that I would be safe for a good long while.

6 weeks later I posted a request on Facebook for 6 batteries that would work together with the city power that is sometimes provided, to give our house (almost) 24 hour electricity. Within just a few days this wish had been granted and I had 6 brand new batteries running in my house.

Then in early June I received an email that made me gasp. Without having made any public plea or even telling more than a handful of people about my wish for a car someone had made a HUGE donation to be put towards the purchase of a vehicle.

God was working, I was amazed. A few weeks ago I had that donation in my hand in Haiti and the search for the perfect vehicle began. I found a great car that is very popular here in Haiti. It didn’t have everything on my wishlist but it would be great for what I needed. I took a test drive and thought that it would probably be a good purchase but I decided to wait and look around a little longer before committing to anything.

Saturday morning, while taking a moto down the mountain for an appointment, I saw a car parked on the side of the road with a for sale sign. I almost didn’t stop because it was my “dream car” and I knew there was no way I would be able to afford it but at the last second I decided to at least ask a few details.

The owner was outside and I spoke to him for a few minuets. He told me a few things about the car including that it has never been driven or licensed in Haiti (A good thing, knowing it hasn’t been beat up by Haitian roads yet!) He showed me the inside, it was clean and comfortable. Then he showed me my very favorite part, the 3rd row of seats, meaning I can safely fit all 4 kids, in carseats with room for whatever/whoever else we may need to carry.

We talked price and surprisingly, the first price he gave wasn’t quite as high as I thought it would be. Back and forth for a few minuets and I finally got him to what he promised was his lowest possible price. That price ended up being just $2,500 more than I already had in my pocket without having asked anyone! I know that if God intends for this to be our car He will make it happen and so I am humbly brining this request before you. If $2,500 is donated to my car fund I will buy this amazing car, if it’s not I have another great car as a backup that just isn’t quite as perfect. Winking smile

A car for our family means so many things. It means not having to carry groceries for our entire household on the back of a motorcycle. It means going to church again. It means going ANYWHERE as a family (at this point I cannot possibly take all 4 babies on a moto at once) It means so much to our family and it means SO much to my program. This car means I will never have to miss a middle of the night birth because I can’t get any of my regular drivers to answer their phones. It means pre-moving trips to Belle Anse are half the price and a hundred million times easier than they are now. It means that I can drive mamas and new babies home rather then send them on a taptap (hot, crowed and bumpy public transportation) It means that when we are living in a village that is in the middle of nowhere, we have a way to get to the nearest hospital (3 hours away) in the case of an emergency and not waste precious moments trying to figure out transportation.

I have spent 6 years in Haiti and owing a car has never felt necessary, it’s never felt possible. And now, the time has come. I am excited to take this next step, I am excited to grow my organization in this way and I am excited to have this blessing for our family, as long as God doesn’t see that one remaining seatbelt and get any ideas about filling it up!! Ha!

For those of you that want to take a peek, this is the 2002 Mitsubishi Montero that I am hoping to be able to purchase!


If anyone feels led do donate you can visit my paypal account and put “car fund” in the memo.

Thanks always, sweet ones!


Joyce White said...

Hi Rhyan,
Just wondering where you are with your car fund.

Anonymous said...

Is the owner USA who could us a tax break by donating part of the cost to the non-profit?