Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Recap

Because of YOU, every single one of you, who have supported us though prayers and financial gifts, because of YOU who gave in 2014...
11 children received treatment and love and recovered successfully from malnutrition. Today they are ALIVE.

18 women received meals, vitamins, weekly prenatal exams and delivered their babies safely in a hospital with a trained physician.

17 tiny new lives joined the world. (We experienced 1 stillbirth) 17 new babies are being successfully cared for by their faithful, strong families.

Because of your support, 1 precious little boy was loved and cherished until the day he flew to Jesus.
Because of you, 9 young children sit in school and are given hope that lies in the future of the educated of Haiti.
Because of you, one tiny little girl was cuddled and loved until God reveled His plans for the family to be called hers.
I read back on these numbers and they seem pitifully small. Until I start remember their faces. The one who came so tiny, with the wisdom and spirit of an old man, who changed right before my eyes. The one who's name I was asked to choose. The one who's warm, tiny body slid into the world, right into my hands. The one who's middle of the night cries I soothed. The one who I will hold one day in Heaven. I simplify them in numbers but those numbers are not what I strive for. I share them because I want you to know the facts but sitting here tonight, sorting them into categories, I am bombarded with memories and faces and precious souls that make up the year 2014 for Espwa Berlancia in Haiti. I am so amazingly, incredibly blessed to have been allowed to love each one.
Not a single thing that we have done in 2014 would have been possible without each of you and God's beautiful grace. As we look forward to 2015 and the changes and growth that it will bring (Hello, Belle Anse!) I stand in awe of the power of God and His hand that is working through each of you, to bring Him glory. Tomorrow is the last day of 2014, one last chance to make a donation for a 2014 tax receipt, I humbly ask you to remember us.
Here's to another year filled with opportunities to love His children.