Friday, August 28, 2015

School Sponsorship 2015 - Wood Mike

Meet Wood Mike

Wood Mike is 8 years old and going into the 4nd grade. He has been in our school sponsorship program for 4 years and has had an incredibly difficult year. In February, Wood Mike was walking home from school with his friends when one of the little boys found a box of matches. During the course of the next several moments tragedy struck when Wood Mike's shirt caught on fire and he suffered terrible burns. Wood Mike was rushed to a hospital that unfortunately, did not have the supplies to treat him. Over the course of the next several days he was taken to several clinics and hospitals but turned away from each one. In desperation, Wood Mike's mother took the advice of some neighbors and treated the burns with a home "remedy" that caused him tremendous pain. When I finally learned of Wood Mike's condition I was able to have him transferred to an incredible clinic called Real Hope For Haiti. The staff at Real Hope treated the burns with proper medication and dressing and he finally began to heal.

While recovering from his burns, Wood Mike's body suffered a lot of trauma and unfortunately, he simply did not have enough to eat to support his body's healing. In July his malnutrition became impossible to ignore and Wood Mike was transferred to an inpatient malnutrition recovery center. After spending 2.5 weeks recovering and gaining weight Wood Mike was able to return home in much better health.

Wood Mike lives with his mother, who is unemployed. He has one sister but he is the only child living at home. Wood Mike attends Institut Abbelard  in Leogane where his favorite subjects are math and French. When Wood Mike is not in school play soccer and to ride his bike, which is his prized possession.Wood Mike's favorite animals are cats and his favorite fruit is mango.

Without our school sponsorship program, not only would Wood Mike not receive an education, he may not even be alive today. Because of sponsors who committed to paying for Wood Mike's education he became known and we were able to advocate for him and his medical care. Wood Mike has overcome a lot in his short life, I cannot wait to see how he will grow and learn this coming year.

Because Wood Mike's situation is unique and his family struggles are extra difficult, I would like to add to his sponsorship $30 a month to help provide a meal for him each day. We know that with an empty belly, a child cannot learn as well or develop to their full potential. It is clear that Wood Mike does not get enough to eat each day, some days he eats nothing at all! Wood Mike's "lunch sponsorship" will allow his mother to provide him with a box of food to take to school and make sure that he is strong enough to learn every day.

Wood Mike's school tuition for the year is $250usd in addition his school supplies, uniforms and books cost an additional $150usd. Williams can be sponsored fully ($400) or partially. Additionally, his $30 monthly lunch sponsorship can be paid in full ($360) or can be paid per month. You can sponsor Wood Mike by clicking here.

If you would like to sign up to support Wood Mike's lunch each day, through a monthly gift you can use this button and select "$30"

Donation Amount

Please be sure to note WOOD MIKE TOUSSAINT SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP with your donation.

Thank you for seeing Wood Mike's worth and making the sacrifice to provide him with the tools to develop into the person that God created him to be!

Friday, August 21, 2015

School Sponsorship 2015 - Williams


Meet Williams

Williams is 11 years old and going into the 6th grade. He has been in our school sponsorship program for 3 years and is an incredibly dedicated student. Williams has consistently been the top student in his class and often studies for several hours each night when he gets home from school. Williams has told me several times that he knows that this sponsorship has changed his life, he is a very mature young man.

Williams lives with his mother, who is unemployed. He has two brothers and one sister but he is the only child living at home. Williams attends Freres Louis school in Kenscoff where his favorite subject is math. When Williams is not in school or studying he loves to play with a hoop and stick toy, running up and down the mountain paths near his home. Williams favorite animal is a goat and his favorite fruit is pineapple.

Having Williams in the school sponsorship program has been a blessing to his entire family. His mother is so proud to show me his report cards each year and assure me that he is working hard in his studies.

Williams school tuition for the year is $360usd in addition his school supplies, uniforms and books cost an additional $150usd. Williams can be sponsored fully ($510) or partially. Sponsor Williams by donating through THIS link or through the button on the right side of the page, please be sure to note WILLIAMS PIERRE SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP with your donation.

Thank you for making such a lasting difference in the lives of not only Williams but his entire family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Sometimes tete (breastfeeding) literally means the difference between life and death. That is definitely true for this little guy, who lives in one of the most remote villages of Haiti.

Steeven is 5 weeks old and weighs just 7lbs. His mother fell ill soon after he was born and as a result she has been struggling to produce even the tiniest amount of milk for baby Steeven. When I met Steeven and his mama she explained to me that she hadn't yet named him because she wasn't sure he would live, she had buried a child before and knew the pain all too well. I told her that he needed a name and for her to believe and fight for him. In that moment something sparked to life, she had hope and someone to stand with her and fight for her son. That day he was dirty and un-bathed but over the course of the next few days I watched and she began to lovingly care for her tiny little boy. She did everything she knew and her mama bear instincts were right. In less than a week Steeven started to look like a new baby, clean and clear eyed, held and loved but one thing didn't change, Steeven was still HUNGRY.

The weeks that his mama spent fighting her illness meant that her body stopped producing the precious milk that Steeven needed to thrive. When I met her she was lucky to get a few drops from each breast and had resorted to feeding Steeven porridge and crackers soaked in water. After our first meeting, where I stressed the importance of milk, she took the few gourdes she had a bought some canned milk to drip into his mouth but that lasted only a few days until once again she was left with nothing to offer but her dry breast. Steeven could have been another statistic, another "one in 5" children dead before his fifth birthday but for this one something happened...

A woman named Donna​ left Austin, Texas last week with a suitcase full of powdered milk and a prayer on her lips, to help someone, even just one. Along with Donna's powdered milk, her donation of bottled water and a beautiful invention called the Supplemental Nursing System I was able to spend time with Steeven’s mama, working together to figure out the best way to get Steeven’s little belly the milk he needed but also make sure that he would continue to have enough milk for months to come.

Using the donated milk (2 weeks worth + clean water for mixing) and some supplements for mama (fennel oil, funegreek capsules and lots of clean drinking water) I was able to put a plan in place for Steeven and his mama. She quickly and excitedly learned how to use the SNS. She listened, along with a half dozen other women who had gathered around to watch, she understood everything I told her right away and easily explained back to me how it would work. Through the SNS Steeven will “breastfeed” but will receive both his mama’s milk and the supplemented powdered milk at the same time. His feeding still depends on his work at the breast and his suckling sends a message for mama to produce more milk but until mama’s body catches up the SNS will help provide Steeven with enough calories to hold him over.

Working alongside Steeven and his mama has been one of the highlights of my time in Belans. I can’t wait to see how Steeven thrives in the love of his mama and how her milk nourishes his growing body.