Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dear Haitian Woman

Dear tiny Haitian baby, with your big brown eyes and soft dark curls. The dirt where you play belongs to an earth that holds beautiful, breathtaking things and adventures that are just waiting for you. Tiny Haitian baby, do you know someone’s whole life revolves around you?

Dear little Haitian girl, with your shiny black shoes and crisp clean uniform. This world is bigger than you can even imagine. You know all those far away places that you are learning about? They are right there, waiting for you, for your brilliant ideas and the talents that only you have. Little Haitian girl, do you know that you can be anything you dream of?

Dear new Haitian mama, with your still soft belly and your tiny little daughter. You are everything to her. Your breast is the one that fills her belly, your voice she knows by heart. Your love is what nourishes her soul. New Haitian mama, do you know that you are changing the world every single exhausting day?

Dear old Haitian woman, with the deep lines on your face reminding you of the years of hard work and hard laughter. You have buried too many babies, too many friends, too many lovers. You are the one who stands before your family, a shining light guiding their entire course of direction. You are the one who’s knee they sit before to soak in wisdom and history. Old Haitian woman, do you know you are a warrior?

// Photos by Kadi Tiede and Laura Nickel of The Sakina Mission

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Oh Dear said...

YES!!!! Beautiful!