Thursday, March 10, 2016


If you follow me on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen me talking a lot lately about something called Medika Mamba. Today I want to invite you to take a closer look at this miracle “medicine” and learn more about this product that is saving lives all across Haiti.

From Meds and Food for Kids:
"Sometimes called miracle peanut butter, the Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) Medika Mamba is considered the “gold standard” for treating malnutrition by the World Health Organization.  Miracle or medicine, no one can argue with the results. Children who enter treatment severely undernourished and underweight show great improvement in just six weeks."

"Mothers, once in despair for their children, are empowered, encouraged and hopeful for the future
once they see the bright eyes and strong limbs of their once fragile child."

"What’s Medika Mamba?
Medika Mamba is a RUTF made of ground roasted peanuts, powdered milk, cooking oil, sugar, vitamins and minerals."

"How long does treatment take?
A typical treatment program for one child lasts 6-8 weeks and takes 25 pounds of Medika Mamba.

How effective is Medika Mamba?
Within six weeks of starting treatment, 90% of children on Medika Mamba recover, far better than the 25% survival rate with older, milk-based treatments."

"Simple Ingredients, Essential Nutrients"

And check out this video…

Medika Mamba is our #1 defense against malnutrition and our most essential item in caring for these precious children. Next week I will be placing a large order of Mamba to stock our pantry. This will be the first time I have had space to store several cases and will ensure that I will never have to hesitate to extend care to a child at a moments notice! If you would like to donate towards this purchase you can do so by clicking below. $70 covers the cost of 1 case, which will treat one child all the way through recovery!

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Jwhite said...

Amazing improvement. Is this product made in Haiti? Also wondering if you are still doing pregnancy support and delivery. Thanks for posting all the pictures. Love seeing them. Have you sent out 2015 donation receipts? Good wishes and praise for all your hard work.