Annabel Kay

While I'm sure I am a bit partial, I think that Miss Annabel is the most stunning baby little girl in the world!

She is sweet, spunky, stubborn and always smiling! She is such an incredible joy, I can't believe I am allowed to be her mother.

Annabel was born on November 15th 2011 in Leogane, Haiti. She came into the world in dramatic fashion and she's been living up to the reputation ever since. When she is mad you know it, when she is excited you have no choice but to be filled with joy with her and when she smiles her entire face lights up. She lives fully, every moment of every day.

I am a better person because my daughter has taught me lessons in her short life that I would never have learned otherwise.

Sweet Annabel Kay, child of the King and my precious daughter. There are no words for the light you have brought into my life.