Malnutrition Program

Espwa Berlancia is thrilled to invite you along on the journey of opening our new inpatient malnutrition treatment and family preservation center!

Our heart and emphasis is on preserving families. When a mother feels like she has no way to provide for her child besides giving him up to an orphanage, we step in. When a child is suffering from malnutrition, we step in. When there is a need, we step up to meet it.

Working in partnership with local health agents in rural villages, as well as other NGO clinics, we will take children on referral as well as walk-in cases. Children who meet the malnutrition standards outlined by WHO and Meds and Food for Kids will be treated according to the medika mamba treatment plan as well as having general health concerns addressed.

Children and family members will live onsite until the children are fully recovered and the caregivers have completed their sustainability training, upon release, follow up care will be provided for at least 30 days.

Parent’s Program

Whenever possible, parents will be encouraged to stay with their children for the duration of their care. Parents will sleep in bunk rooms and be involved in the day to day care of their children including assisting our cook in preparing meals (this will help tremendously as we work to teach the parents proper nutrition)

While children are receiving care of their physical needs we will be working with the parents to meet their needs as well. One of the ways we feel we can best serve the parents during this time is through focusing on their spiritual and mental well being. In my heart, this part of our program is as important and worth of our focus as the malnutrition care.

We will strive to serve the parents in 3 different areas

-Spiritual health (Individual and group sessions) This will be in partnership with a local church. Both the head pastor and the women’s ministry group will be involved. This involves individual counseling once a week with the pastor and weekly group bible study with praise and worship led by the women’s ministry. The pastor and women’s group leaders will receive basic mental health training led by a local organization during staff training.

-Traditional/mental health (Individual and group sessions) This will be facilitated by a local mental health organization and fulfilled by trained, certified Haitian staff. This will include individual counseling on an as needed basis (either weekly or bi-weekly) as well as weekly group sessions.

- Sustainability This will be based on individual interest, availability and geographical location. This will include 4 options for ongoing sustainability once they leave our program.

The 4 options are:
Agriculture - Training in improved family methods, raised bed gardening as well as a gift of wheelbarrow, seeds, and a water carrying system.

 Livestock - Choice of a gift of 2 goats or 6 chickens along with training in farming methods to increase productivity and resources (goats milk, eggs, meat etc...)

Small Business - This includes intense small business training. Teaching and working alongside parents to come up with and modify a small business plan and teaching banking and savings basics.

Continuing Education - For any parents that would like to go back to school this would include a school loan as well as supplemental food for  the family during their months of studying.

This started out as a tiny idea and has grown into a dream that encompasses my entire passion. I cannot wait to see it come to fruition.

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